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Forewarn System for Safer Showings & Smarter Engagements – April 2023 – Greater Alabama MLS

The Greater Alabama MLS is thrilled to announce a COMPLIMENTARY PROACTIVE SAFETY AND LEAD INTELLIGENCE service for all Greater Alabama MLS subscribers!

FOREWARN brings intelligence to the real estate industry through innovative solutions to help ensure safer engagements and smarter interactions.

The FOREWARN application gives an agent the ability to gain instant insight on a prospective client (within seconds, without exposing any protected class information) using only a phone number! Don’t have a phone number… you can also search by name.

Instantly verify:

·      Identity (first name, last name, alias, and age)

·      Phone numbers (residential and mobile history)

·      Address history (rental, ownership, and associated addresses)

·      Financial indicators (bankruptcy, lien, judgement, and foreclosure history)

·      Property records (nationwide property ownership history)

·      Criminal records (nationwide criminal history search)

Verifying your prospects in FOREWARN is not only critical for your personal safety and efficiency, but also a benefit to your listing homeowners, providing an added layer of protection for their homes and families.

Setting Up Your Complimentary FOREWARN Account

As a Greater Alabama MLS subscriber, setting up your complimentary FOREWARN account is quick and easy!

Click here and enter your email address when prompted to do so (be sure to use the same email address that this email was sent to as it will serve as your FOREWARN ‘Username’).

You will receive an activation email from FOREWARN, open it and click the link as instructed. If you do not see the email, be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

·     If you do not see the email after checking your junk of spam folder, this may be due to the fact that your account could not be setup as FOREWARN does not have your cell phone number. Please contact FOREWARN Support at 561.757.4551 or email to provide them with your cell phone number.

You will be prompted to enter an authentication code that will have just been texted, or optionally read to you via automated call, to your phone number on file. Upon completion you will be prompted to create a password.

·     If you are not receiving the text/call authentication code, FOREWARN may have the wrong phone number on file. Please contact FOREWARN Support at 561.757.4551 to update them with your correct cell phone number.

Now you are ready to download the FOREWARN app by clicking on the appropriate link below from your mobile device, or searching for FOREWARN in the app store:

·     Click here from your mobile device for iOS / Apple / iPhone / iPad app

·     Click here from your mobile device for Android app

After activating your account, you can also log into your FOREWARN account from any web browser via the homepage (click ‘Sign In’ at top-right) or via this link:

For a brief video introduction and tutorial on FOREWARN, you can also click here.

FOREWARN Customer Support

If you experience any difficulty setting up your password or logging into FOREWARN, please reach out to FOREWARN support at 561-757-4551 or (Monday – Friday; 9AM-5PM ET).


Thursday April 13th 12pm – Member Orientation – Open to all subscribers!

Click here to log in

Monday April 24th 1pm – Training

Click here to log in

Monday May 1st 10am – Training

Click here to log in

Wednesday May 10th 1pm – Training

Click here to log in

Thursday May 18th 10am – Training

Click here to log in

Wednesday May 24th 10am– Training

Click here to log in

Thursday June 1st 1pm – Training

Click here to log in

Monday June 5th 1pm – Training

Click here to log in


As a professionally licensed agent, you can use FOREWARN to verify the identity and potential risks associated with your business prospects. Please note that you must limit your FOREWARN searches to professional use only. FOREWARN is only to be used for verifying inbound prospects that have initiated the interaction, such as when a potential buyer or seller have contacted you or initiated a request for information. The FOREWARN service is not to be used for marketing (e.g. prospecting for potential leads/clients) or to determine anyone’s eligibility for credit, insurance, or employment, or for any other purpose regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Search activity is actively monitored (search terms and volume) to ensure proper use by our Subscribers as outlined in the Subscriber Agreement and the FOREWARN Terms and Conditions. Any use that is outside of the outlined proper usage that you agree to upon activating your account is prohibited and can result in your service being terminated. The specific compliance and use terms can be viewed here (, however below are a few examples of ways you should NOT use FOREWARN:

·     DO NOT use FOREWARN to search for anyone who is not engaging in business with you (including, but not limited to celebrities, public figures, friends, family).

·     DO NOT share information from FOREWARN, or your FOREWARN access credentials, with any third-party and DO NOT publicly post such information.

·     DO NOT tell a prospect that they are not permitted, or unqualified, to purchase or sell a property because of information you obtain from FOREWARN.

·     DO NOT use information from FOREWARN to harass or intimidate anyone, or to otherwise violate applicable laws.  

The above examples are NOT meant to be all-encompassing, and you should refer to the Subscriber Agreement and the FOREWARN Terms and Conditions for additional information. FOREWARN is a powerful tool intended for the increased safety and efficiency of your business. Proper use of the service by real estate professionals ensures that we can continue to provide this valuable tool to the industry.


What REALTORS Should Know About Liens – April 2023
From Doug Dean – & Amanda McGowan –
Handout: What Realtors Should Know About Liens – Shafritz & Dean – April 2023


Selling to Senior Home Buyers with a Reverse Mortgage – CE Class November 30, 2022 –
Registration Link: CE Reverse MortNov CE Reverse Mort

Temporary Buydown Presentation – as of October 2022 — Courtesy of Linda Kennedy of American Eagle Mortgage powered by Cross Country Mortgage –  
Temporary Buydown Presentation -Linda Kennedy

Special Stipulations to Consider
Special Stipulations to Consider – 2022 – August

Tips to Avoid Wire Fraud in Real Estate

Tips to Avoid Wire Fraud in Real Estate

Wire Fraud Disclaimer for Clients & Customers to Sign – authored by Andy Hartman of Hartman Law Firm –

Wiring Instructions Agent Indemnity Policy – Author Andy Hartman – Hartman Law Firm

Cyber Security – by Chris Noles of Beyond Computer Solutions & Jared Venson of Barracuda

PBCS Barracuda Cybersecurity Training 2-15

WFH Product Brochure Beyond Comp Solutions

Email Protection Beyond Comp Solutions

O365 Security Monitoring Beyond Comp Solutions

Endpoint Protection Beyond Comp Solutions

02042020_Coalition Press Release_BeyondComputerSolutions

Real Estate Brokerage CyberProtection Insurance Information – Annie Neal of Real Estate Insurance Solutions –

CSRisks Cyber Coverage Flyer v3 – Annie Neal – Real Estate Insurance Solutions

MFA Resource 2021 – Annie Neal – Real Estate Insurance Solutions

Cowbell Cybersecurity-awareness-training – Annie Neal – Real Estate Insurance Solutions

Disclosures for Buyers in a Seller’s Market (March 2021) – Authored by Amee Davis –
Disclosures for Buyers in a Seller’s Market – Insert logo – Amee Davis – March 2021

RE Forms – RE148 – Transactions Involving Out of State Buyers
RE148 – Transactions Involving Out of State Residents

Buyer Service Recommendations
Service Recommendations – 2021

Multiple Offer Worksheet (March 2021)
Multiple Offer worksheet

Documents When Buying / Selling a Mobile Home
Title Documents from Amee Davis –
Mortgage Documents from Denise Thomas of Homestar Financial Corporation –

Mobile Home Closing Checklist – from Amee Davis
Fannie Mae Guidelines for Mobile Homes – Amee Davis
Mobile Homes – Agent Checklist– Patti Loveless & Jennifer Black
Financing a Mobile Home – Homestar Financial Corp

Tom Ferry: Low Inventory Success Strategies
tomferry-low-inventory-strategies – Spring 2021

2021 GAR Contract Changes – Handouts From CE Class
HANDOUT 1 – PDF Handout of Power Point Presentation
HANDOUT 2 – 2020 GAR Forms MIDYEAR Changes – 5-1-20
HANDOUT 3 – 2020 MIDYEAR CHANGE – F401 05.01.20 – Cash Exhibit
HANDOUT 4 – 2021 GAR Forms Changes – 1-1-21
HANDOUT 5 – Exclusive Seller Brokerage Engagement Agreement – F101 01.01.21 –
HANDOUT 6 – Seller;s Disclosure of Latent Defects & Fixtures Checklist – F302 01.01.21
HANDOUT 7 – Lead Based Paint Exhibit – F316 01.01.21
HANDOUT 8 – NEW Form – Lead-Based Paint Exhibit – Leases – F918 01.01.21
HANDOUT 9 – EPA Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Requirements
HANDOUT 10 – Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Engagement Agreement – F110 01.01.21
HANDOUT 11 – Purchase & Sale Agreement – F201 01.01.21
HANDOUT 12 – Counter Offer – F249 01.01.21
HANDOUT 13 – NEW Form – Request for Confirmation of Presentation of Offer – F289 01.01.21
HANDOUT 14 – NEW Form – Agreement to Reinstate Contract – F290 01.01.21
HANDOUT 15 – Community Association Disclosure – F322 01.01.21
HANDOUT 16 – Sale or Lease of Buyer’s Property COntingency Exhibit – F601 01.01.21
HANDOUT 17 – Protect Yourself When Selling a Home – CB10 01.01.21
HANDOUT 18 – Protect Yourself When Buying a Home – CB13 01.01.21
HANDOUT 19 – NEW Form – Exclusive Commercial Leasing Listing Agreement – CF24 01.01.21

Closing Statement & Homestead Lead Generation Letters:
HUD Letter – 2021
HUD & Homestead Letter – 2021

Maximum One – Using or Being an Assistant
Broker Permission to Be Admin Assistant – MXGR – 2020
Licensee Use of an Assistant – 2020
Unlicensed Personnel Tasks

Maximum One Buyer Service Recommendations – 2020
Service Recommendations – 2020

GAR COVID-19 Special Stipulation & Explanation – as of 3/17/20

GAR Special Stip – COVID-19 – 3-17-20

Real Estate “TEAMS” – GREC Proposed License Law Changes – Vote is 3/11/20

NOTICE OF INTENT – 520-1- 02 Teams Definitions and Advertising 12 04 19

Special Stipulations to Consider
2019 Special Stipulations to Consider – Contracts CE Classes
Repair Special Stipulations to Consider

Repair Special Stipulations to Consider – DS

Service Recommendations

Handouts for 2020 GAR Contract Changes

2020 GAR Contract Changes  Power Point – #71203 – PP – as of December 2019
2020 GAR Contract Forms – pdf of Handouts – December 2019

GAR – Summary of 2020 GAR Contract Changes
CyberFraud Warning – Hartman Law Firm

2020 GAR Contract Changes – #71203 – Handout 1 of 2 – Dana Sparks & Andy Hartman
2020 GAR Contract Changes – #71203 – Handout 2 of 2 – Dana Sparks & Andy Hartman

EPA Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Requirements

EPA Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Requirements

Handout: Georgia Common Law of Fixtures – Closing Attorney, Lee Pruitt of Shafritz & Dean, Attorneys-at-Law

Fixtures – Lee Pruitt of Shafritz & Dean – Jan 2020

Handouts for CE Class: 2019 Contracts Review (GAR & RE Forms)

1 – HANDOUT – 2019 Contracts Review – Handout v3
2 – HANDOUT – GAR – F201 Purchase & Sale 01.01.19
3 – HANDOUT – RE100 – Contract Purchase and Sale Residential
4 – HANDOUT – RE1 -Standard Term for the Purchase&Sale English
5 – HANDOUT – GAR F404 Conv Loan 01.01.19
6 – HANDOUT – RE203 – Financing Contingency Exhibit
7 – HANDOUT – RE204 – Appraisal Contingency Exhibit
8 – HANDOUT – F407 FHA Loan 01.01.19
9 – HANDOUT – RE200 – FHA Loan Exhibit
10 – HANDOUT – GAR F410 VA Loan 01.01.19
11 – HANDOUT – RE201 – VA Loan Exhibit
12 – HANDOUT – GAR F301 Seller’s Prop Disclosure 01.01.19
13 – HANDOUT – RE130 – Seller Property Condition Disclosure
14 – HANDOUT – GAR F704 Amend to Address Concerns 01.01.19
15 – HANDOUT – RE262 – Amendment During Buyer Right Terminate Per
16 – HANDOUT – GAR F219 – Temp Occupancy 01.01.19
17 – HANDOUT – RE255 – Occupancy Agreement for Seller After Close
19 – HANDOUT – GAR F511 Agreement for Closing Atty Holder – 01.01.19

2019 Contracts Review – PP – pdf

Service Recommendations & GAR Vendor List (Training Version)

Service Recommendations for Buyers – 2020

GAR F834 – Vendor List – Training Only

Handouts from iBuyer Conference – 9/12/19

The Communication Code – Ebook by Steve Wener courtesy of Chime

The Communication Code_Ebook

100% No MI Financing Conventional Loan (2019)

Homestyle Renovation Loan (2019)

VA Borrower Fees – What Is & Is Not Allowed to Be Paid By Buyer (2018)

GAR Exhibit & Amendment

2017 GAR Contract Dissection – 6 Handouts

Video Contract Tips

2018 GAR Contract Forms

Letters to Send to Past Clients

Sample Movement Mortgage 2020 Marketing Planner

Movement Mortgage – Sample Marketing Schedule – 2020

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