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4/12/15 – in Honor of Uncle Sam


  • Movie Edit Touch – An alternative to iMovie.
  • Vyclone – When you & pals are shooting video of the same event (like a wedding or party) it stitches together footage from various angles to make for a cool movie
  • YouTube Capture – To create YouTube vids on the go!
  • Hipstamatic – Variety of retro visual effects for your photos.
  • Camera51 – Android app for easy photo composition.
  • FrontBack – Tap your Android camera twice & it takes a photo from the front camera, one from the back camera & then stitches them into one shot.
  • Camera Awesome – Enhance your photos easily!
  • Loop – Animates your sketches!


  • Dull   – This app will help revive your life if it’s “dull” by allowing you to stroll through tons of “interesting” stuff – photos, videos, articles.
  • NutshellThis iPhone app will allow you to animate your photos.  Simply snap 3 shots with nutshell and it will create a mini-movie!
  • Magic Piano  – This iPhone app is a fun way to learn to play songs on a virtual piano.
  • Sing! Karaoke This app plays popular songs & lets you sing karaoke by yourself or with friends!
  • Replay – A video editor for Instagram or lets you create short films.
  • Dubsmash – Lipsync to short audio clips.


  • Sleepio   – This app will help you with your insomnia to get a good restful night’s sleep.
  • Day One– This app will allow you to journal your day for posterity, your memoirs or to pass down to your children or grandchildren.
  • Horizon  – This iPhone app uses the phone’s gyroscope to allow you to take horizontal photos regardless of the position of your phone.
  • WeChat – This app combines texting, voicemail & video calls into one site – great for group chats!
  • Wikitude – Get information on restaurants and landmarks based on what the camera sees.
  • Doorsteps Swipe – This app presents houses as a deck of cards and you either swipe the photo to the left or right to save or dismiss.


  • Plant Nanny   – This iPhone & android app helps you to remember to drink enough water each day.
  • Magnifying Glass with Light & Magnificent Magnifier HDThis app turns your smart phone into a magnifying glass.
  • Privacy Star  – This app allows you to identify and end those annoying robo calls.
  • Digital Photo Frame This app provides a beautiful & fun way to view & share your photos.
  • InstaPray – Enjoy the Power of Prayer by joining a powerful online prayer network.


  • Office Suite 7   – This app for your Android Tablet will allow you to access and use your Microsoft Office documents.
  • Crackle – This app for your Android tablet allows you to watch movies & TV shows for free.
  • SoundHound  – This app for your Android tablet allows you to identify songs it hears from the radio & even if you just hum a tune!
  • Papyrus – This app for your Android Tablet captures your handwriting and turns it into notes.
  • Tablet SMS (& DeskSMS) – When you download one to your phone & one to your Android Tablet, it allows you to text from your tablet using your phone number!
  • Adobe Photoshop Touch – the Power of Photoshop on your Android Tablet
  • Sketchbook Express – Another Android Tablet app for those who love to sketch!


  • Umano   – Too busy to read?  This app reads great articles to you with professional voice actors.
  • Prismatic – This app searches the web and finds all sorts of articles & sites around the specific interest you enter.
  • theCHIVE  – This is the world’s largest photo blog with funny photos, beautiful ones, epic fails & more.
  • Glimpse  – This app broadcasts your location to family or friends in real time. Great app for when you are showing property so your loved ones know where you are!
  • Sunrise Calendar – This calendar app shows you photos of the people you have appointments with & weather forecasts.


  • DropBox & Box & Google Drive   – Online cloud storage systems
  • Unclouded – This app gives you an overview of your cloud storage and what files are in which system
  • IFTTT  – This acronym stands for “If This Then That” and applies this rule to your phone.  For example, if a photo i taken, send it to dropbox or if my location is home, send a text to my husband that I am home.
  • Snapseed  – This is a great photo editor by Google.
  • TheScore – Sports & Scores.  Go Tarheels!


  • TeamViewer or Splashtop or RDC   – Remote Desktop app to access your computer from your phone or tablet or another computer.
  • Instagram’s Hyperlapse App – Creates instant time-lapse videos!
  • MyRoll or Piktures  – These Gallery apps are an alternative to the Gallery on your Android
  • Trivia Crack  – The latest addictive quiz game.
  • Funny or Die Weather – A weather app that will make you laugh!
  • – Easily create your own website, blog & online store!


  •   – Anything you need for $5 – Logos, slogans, website design, etc!!  You’ll LOVE this site!
  • – This website allows you to compare financial products like credit cards & bank accounts.
  •  – This site is for 3D printing & design services.
  •  – This site helps you learn advanced skills.
  •  – Online graphic design resource – great for your website or flyers or blog!
  • – Tons of online courses to learn something new!
  • – Easily create your own website, blog & online store!


  • MS Office Mobile  – This android app allows you to use and edit Microsoft Office applications on your phone.
  • AirDroid  – Share your files among all your devices without needing a USB connection.
  • MXPlayer – This android app allows you to watch videos in any format..
  • Dogly – Image filters especially designed for your pups!


  • CopyBubble  – This app is great for copying & pasting.  It is a floating bubble that keeps a list of what you have on your clipboard.
  • Avasti & Lookout  – You have virus & maleware protection on your computer – these will add it to you phone..
  • GarageBand – Now for your iPad!
  • Kahn Academy – A huge database of amazing knowledge – go learn something new this year!! (Or figure out how to help your kids with their homework!)


  • Post-It Plus  – This app allows you to take a photo of your notes on REAL sticky notes & then categorize and manipulate them on your tablet or smart phone.
  • Team Viewer – Check this app out to make your tablet as useful as your laptop!
  • LevelMoney – This app helps you keep up with your money with visual representations
  • SpiderOak – A new cloud storage system
  • eFax – Send & receive faxes on your iPad
  • itseez3d – This app turns your iPad into a mobile 3D scanner so you can view objects & rotate them to see all sides


  • AR Photo  – This app allows you to add virtual photos and computer-created content to your own photos for some cool final results.
  • Party DJ – Check this app when you’re together with your friends to make for a real party with cross-fades between songs.
  • Instatrack – The best instagram management app.
  • Gismeteo – A fabulous weather app.


  • Fitbit  – Get the app to track your exercise activity throughout the day
  • Zedge – Tons of free ringtones – create an individual tone for each contact
  • InstaCollage – Creates collages for Instagram so you can post more than one photo at a time
  • ES File Explorer File Manager – Organize the files on your Android
  • Polaris – View documents on your Android
  • Flipagram – Create music videos from YOUR photos


  • Gas Buddy  – Find the cheapest gas around.  GPS guided so you can use it as you travel.
  • Touchnote – Send fun and fabulous general and personalized Christmas cards
  • Pic2Shop – Scan barcodes to find the best price – great for Christmas shopping for gifts and Christmas dinner
  • Wire – A better way to make calls than Skype or Facetime
  • FlightTrack – Real time updates on flight times – great for picking up family and friends (& clients)  at the airport
  • Santa Trackers – Track Santa’s flight around the globe on Christmas Eve
  •           Norad
  •           Google Santa Tracker 
  •           Santa Tracker Lite
  •           Santa Everywhere


  • Hanukkah Dreidel  – Play the Dreidel Game
  • Menorah – Light the Menorah each night on your phone or tablet
  • Duolingo – Learn languages like French & Spanish
  • Netflix – Stream movies & TV Shows – both new & old
  • MyFitnessPal – Keep a journal of your workouts & meals
  • Flipagram – Create music videos from YOUR photos
  • Don’t Tap the White Tile – Fun game for some mindless entertainment
  • Pixelmator – A drawing and image manipulation app with a gazillion features
  • Kitchen Stories – Tons of free recipes & video tutorials


  • ‘Tis the time of year when Santa makes lists!  Here are some Note-Taking apps so you can help Santa!
  • Evernote  – By far the most versatile note-taking app.  Searchable, can add voice, pix, clips from the internet, share across platforms & more!
  • One Note – This app is similar to the Windows application you are already used to.  Create notes, checklists, add pix & more!
  • Simple Note – Fast & simple text note app for quick & easy notes
  • FetchNotes – This note-taking app is cool in that you can add hashtags to each note to categorize similar notes
  • Color Note – Like sticky notes for your phone or tablet!
  • Papyrus – Like writing notes – works with your finger or stylus!
  • Google Keep – Google’s version of Evernote.  Versatile but not quite as complete
  • Classic Notes – The multi-tool of note-taking apps.  This one includes calculators & formulas built-in that you’ll end up using in conjunction with other apps
  • Vesper – Supports, text, pix & more & can tag notes for searchability.
  • Drafts – This app syncs between your iPhone & iPad


  • Quip  – Create a document on one device & communicate & collaborate across projects & devices.
  • Keepy – This app allows you to create “playlists” of photos, artwork, etc – great for keeping & sharing family memories.
  • Talkside – Before you answer that call, this app lets you see relevant info about the caller – pix, text messages, facebook status and more!
  • MomentCam – This is a fun photo-editing app.
  • Lifecake – Share videos & photos with family & friends.


  • Pinterest  – Want ideas on how to set your Thanksgiving table? This is your site!
  • Substitutions – This app shows you substitutions & tweaks to your favorite recipes with ingredients you already have (since the groceries will be closed!)
  • iFood Assistant – This app sponsored by Kraft Foods has over 7,000 recipes for your favorite Thanksgiving meals.
  • How To Cook Everything – This app has over 2000 recipes, timers and a link to print recipes & grocery lists.
  • Kitchen Pad Timer – You can never have enough timers when cooking Thanksgiving dinner!
  • iCookbook – Over 2000 recipes and voice-activated commands.
  • Butterball Cookbook Plus – The ultimate Thanksgiving app!
  • Baking with Dorie – Do you bake for Thanksgiving (or Christmas) then you’ll love this app!
  • Thanksgiving Menu Maker – Organize the entire Thanksgiving cooking process.
  • Thanksgiving: A Bon Appetit Manual – for the traditional Thanksgiving meal


  • Ready Contact  – This contact organizing app syncs your contacts and lets you even check the emails between you & each contact.
  • Brainwave   – This app allow you to control your music with swipes & hand gestures
  • PicStich   – Create collages from your photos – more fun to upload to Twitter & Instagram!..
  • HereMaps  – As a real estate agent, you can never have too many map apps!
  • Camera 51 – This app helps you in composing better pictures
  • Google Fit – Don’t let Thanksgiving & Christmas sabotage your health & fitness!
  • DJay2 – Let’s you make personal mixes from online music apps & your own library.


  • Funny Mouth- Turn your phone into a mouth to lighten up any mood!
  • Sly Dial– Don’t want to talk to someone but need to?  Use this app to make your call go directly to the person’s voice mail!
  •  – This website is the ultimate free resource for diet & nutrition information if you want to lose weight or just stay healthy!
  • Run Keeper – Keeps a log of your running!
  • Spark People – A companion app to log your calories & exercise to monitor your health!


  • Scout  – This is a GPS & Voice navigation system for safer driving!
  • GolfShot: Golf GPS   – This app provides aerial flyovers of each hole & exact yardage – will it help your game?  Can’t hurt!
  •   – Without any photoshop skills, this website does a grat job at removing the background from an image..
  •  – Stressed out?  This website has calming backgrounds & ambient music to alleviate that stress.  It even has a timer so you may take a brief adult “time out.”


  • Halloween  – This all-in-one app has Halloween ringtones, wall paper & costume ideas!
  • Pumpkin Pal   This app allows you to carve Jack-o-Lanterns on your iPad!
  • ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier  – You can see what you (or your friends) would look like as a Zombie!
  • Halloween Sound Lab or Halloween Party SoundBoard – Spooky Halloween Sounds to play for those Trick or Treaters!
  • Spooky Hangman – the old-fashioned Guess-a-word game with a Halloween twist
  • ChalkBall Haloween – A fun game to waste your time with pumpkins & spiderwebs.
  • Trick or Tracker – This app has a kid version for your kid & a parent version for you.  – This is basically a GPS for your trick or treater so you can know where they are around the neighborhood
  • Any Flashlight App – for trick or treating at night around the neighborhood!


  • Pocket  – This app allows you to save articles, videos, etc from the web all in one place!
  • AroundMe   This app allows you to learn about your surroundings based on your GPS location.
  • FieldTrips  – Your guide to cool, unique, hidden things in the world around you..
  • Stongkick – Find out what local concerts are around you or where your favorite band is playing – compare ticket prices & check out venues!


  • bSafe  – This app is another safety app for your protection – Thank you Herb Haynes!
  • B&N eReader   This eBook app is basically the NOOK app for your Smart device
  • Kindle  – This eBook app is basically the Kindle app for your Smart device.
  • Stanza – SAnother eBook app – owned by Amazon & accesses Project Gutenberg & more!
  • KoBo – This eReader is owned by Borders.
  • ICDL – EReader App for Books for Children


  • Scanner Radio  – This app turns your phone into a police & fire scanner
  • Emergency Medical Center Locator   This app lets you ind the nearest ER anywhere in the country..
  • iTriage  – This app lets you search medical symptoms & look for potential causes & treatments.
  • HelpBridge – Send messages to loved ones in an emergency situation to let them know you are okay
  • iams Vet 24/7 – Get immediate access to pet hospitals & emergency vet clinics.


  • Moves  – This app turns your phone into a pedometer.
  • Fooducate   – This app lets you scan the barcode of an item at the grocery & it will tell you how healthy it is and grade the food from A to F.
  • Buy Me a Pie  – This is your electronic grocery list!
  • Piano Tutor – Learn music basics including reading notes!
  • TED – This popular Talk Series will let you listen to famous speeches, motivational quotes or learn about new things that interest you!



  • BlinkList – This app gives you the gist of non-fiction books in 15 minutes.
  • Mix– This app is another cool photo editing app.
  • PhotoSphere Camera   – This app lets you create 360 degree photos & share with anyone – including on Google Maps.
  • Sporty  – This app allows you to create & share your sporting interest with others in your area – meet new people with similar sporting interests.
  • SideChef – This iPad App gives you visual & audio hints while preparing recipes!
  • Camoji – Make you OWN video Emoji!  Fun!


  • WeTransfer – This Android app allows you to send large files across the web.
  • Ooloo– This app lets you ask your smart phone a question but you’ll get an answer from a live person – 24/7.
  • Afterlight  – This app is a great photo editing app.
  • SpinMe Alarms Clock  – This app is an alarm clock that ONLY goes off if you get out of bed & spin around!
  • Swing Copters – Fun game as addictive as Angry Birds!


  • Wattpad – This app has access to over 20 million free ebooks & stories.
  • Colornote Notepad Notes– This app is sticky notes for you phone!
  • NFL Now  – This app is a personalized video stream of your favorite teams, players & coaches! Go Falcons!!
  • Facetune  – This app allows you to airbrush your own photos on your phone!


  • Send Anywhere – This simple unlimited file transferring app will make file sharing easy!
  • Animal Sound– This app will play roars of lions, tigers & bears – perfect to express your frustration!.
  • LifeStats – Automatic Journal  – This app automatically records every place you go & generates a daily journal of your activity.
  • Elevate – Brain Training  – This app is designed to improve focus, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills & more!
  • Dreamdays Countdown  – This app allows you to create a countdown clock for any event.


  • Timeless – This app is a fun countdown app.
  • NFL Now– This app is a personalized video stream of your favorite NFL teams.
  • TeamViewer  – This app turns your Android Tablet into a remote control to access your computer!
  • Zedge  – This great app allows you to download tons of fun ringtones & notification sounds!.
  • Thuuz Sports  – This app allows you to find the latest scores and news about your favorite sports.


  • Check – Use this app to organize and track your money, bills, credit cards & banking.
  • iSpending– This app will help track your expenses & spending.
  • Groupon  – This app will show you unbeatable deals on a variety of goods & services.
  • Dragon Dictation  – This great app recognizes your voice so you can dictate emails & texts.
  • Use Your Handwriting  – This app allows you to use your finger to write notes, lists & more.


  • Birthday Calendar – Use this app to put in your clients’ birthdays & house-buying anniversary dates!
  • Scatterbrain– This app will help you remember a grocery list, an errand, something to-do or just a thought you don’t want to forget!
  • Audio Memo  – This app allows you to record your thoughts & then organizes them in an easy way to retrieve.
  • Audio Note  – This is a notepad & voice recorder all in one!!
  • iHeartRadio  – This app & website allows you to listen to regular radio stations throughout the country OR create your own station / playlist!


  • MyRoll – This gallery learns what’s most important to you & organizes your photos in such a manner.
  • Shorter Order– Make your next get together a breeze!  Go to this site & pick a restaurant & order your entire group’s food order in a second!
  •  – This site shows you 50 fun things to do in Atlanta!
  •  – This website will help you learn to read quicker!
  •  – This site will easily show you how to do a myriad of things you never knew you wanted to do!
  • – This interesting site explains how things work in easy-to-understand ways.


  • Scanner Pro – All agents need a scanning app on your phone so that you may scan docs on the go!
  • Fantastical 2– Use your smartphone to keep track of all your appointments and showings.  Simply dictate your schedule & this app will type it for you.
  • 1Passord – This app will organize the various passwords you have that are associated with all of the programs you access on a regular basis for your business.
  • Mileage Log+ – As an Independent Contractor, your Accountant sincerely hopes you are keeping track of the mileage you travel for business…. this App will ease that task!
  • Listings + – This app will help you organize and track the activity you have on your listings.


  • Facebook Messenger – This new Apple & Android app lets you call your facebook friends from your iPad or tablet!
  • Bandsintown Concerts– Use your smartphone to discover concerts in your area based on your musical taste.
  • GasBuddy – This app shows you the local gas prices on the road when you take that roadtrip!
  • Secret Menu for Starbucks – Want something new from your fave coffee joint, get this app for hidden coffee recipes from Starbucks!
  • My Recipe Book – This app will organize your recipes, import recipes and even create a grocery list for you!
  • Fandango Movies – What’s Summer without going to at least one blockbuster movie!  Check out local movies & showtimes with this app..


  • Dog Whistler – This one allows your phone to emit a vast range of frequencies for dog training.
  • Horizon– Use your iPhone’s gyroscope to make sure your photos are straight even if your phone is at an angle!
  • Jelly – This app allows you to take a photo & ask a question about it & anyone else on Jelly may answer!
  • CamDictionary – All you do is hover your phone over text & it will translate it for you (16 languages!)
  • File This – Stay organized with this app!  Take photos of your bills or import them to digitize your info & access it wherever you go.


  • Slow Shutter Cam – This one allows you to take great photos of fireworks.
  • Fireworks Arcade– Enjoy fireworks anytime on your phone!
  • Holiday Picture It – This app allows to put appropriate decorations on your photos like Uncle Sam’s hat for Independence Day!
  • Party and Event Planner or My Party – Allows you to plan your 4th of July picnic – or any party!
  • Patriotic Songs – A must for this holiday!
  • iSparkler Gyro – Turn your phone into a sparkler!
  • US Pocket Reference – Put details and documents of US politics and history in your pocket.  Read the Constitution & Declaration of Independence!


DANGEROUS APPS FOR KIDS – Know What Apps Your Kids Have on Their Phones / Tablets – Thank you to Closing Attorney: Amee Davis 

  • Whisper – This one lets you post secrets anonymously & chat with people in your geographic area.
  • Yik Yak– All users are anonymous – people an be MEAN when they don’t have to identify themselves.
  • kik – This app allows you to post photos & text and leaves NO record on the phone’s history
  • snapchat – Allows you to post photos / texts that will supposedly disappear after a certain amount of time
  • Chat Roulette & Omegle – Allows you to video chat with strangers.
  • Poof – Allows you to hide other apps on your phone in other words not let parents see what apps a kid has downloaded on their phone.
  • Tinder – Post photos & flag another’s photo if you want to be in contact.


  • Let’s Golf – This golf game app will let your Dad or your children’s Dad play golf & still be at home!.
  • Real Racing 2 – This is a car racing app for those Dads that like car racing!… or those who are back seat drivers!
  • iBooks – This app is for those Dads who love to read.  Access thousands of books from the iBookstore!
  • iHandy Carpenter – No need for a bulky tool belt for those “Handy” Dads in your life!
  • 5800+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes – Celebrate Father’s Day with an adult beverage!
  • Things – This app will Dads get organized by prioritizing things that have to be done today, tomorrow or someday!


  • Slyde – This Android App lets you multi-task in an easier way rather than using the built-in multi-taking window pane.
  • Noisli – Need ambient noise to sleep or concentrate? Then check out this app.
  • Adobe Voice – This app will let you record snippets of a presentation & then will suggest appropriate graphics & photos to go with it.  You may also import music & your own photos.  Create quick & easy presentations for personal or professional use!


  • TubeMate – Must get from Amazon Store – lets you download YouTube apps and convert them to MP3
  • Duolingo – Want to learn a new language?  Start here!
  • Read Me Stories – This app will help your child learn to love to read … includes a freee book every day with interactive narration.
  • Children TV – This app filters YouTube videos for age-appropriate cartoons you can conjure at a moment’s notice.
  • Life 360 Family Tracker – This app lets you track your child’s location on a map & even sets up alerts when they reach their destination.

GPS Tracking Pro – Another phone tracker app – great for worry-free parenting!


  • Papyrus This app lets you take notes in your own hand or with a stylus then converts to pdf format.  
  • Avasti –   This app is virus protection for your phone.
  • 360 Security – This is another virus protection for your phone.
  • Minube   – This travel app shows you hidden gems during your travels with beautiful photos! 
  • TaxiMagic – Order a cab right from your phone!  Covers more than 60 cities across the US.


  • Slingshot This iPhone app allows for video conferencing & screen sharing  
  • Grow –   This app will let you make a video of your child or your flowers or your puppies as they grow!
  • Fenix – This android app is for Twitter users with multiple accounts.  Replete with a myriad of functions you’ll want to check it out!
  • Turbo Scan   – This android app lets you scan documents on the go!  A must-have for any real estate professional! 


  • Sunrise This calendar app will pull all of your various calendars into one! 
  • Haze –   This weather app has a simple weather report on an attractive interface & this time of year you can never have too many weather apps!
  • Snapspeed – This easy to operate photo editing app will welcome you to the world of photo editing on your phone!
  •   – This website allows you to learn, teach and share just about anything from the web!  – Another travel site to get you the best deals on flights & hotels for your Summer vacation!


  • Yahoo!Weather This weather app is both beautiful & useful.
  • Wikitude –   Snap a  photo with your phone & the location data will point out nearby landmarks, restaurants, people.  Fun & useful!
  • Magisto – This app is a video editor that is easy to use.  Upload videos, photos, text & audio & make a great video for yourself or to share!
  •   – This website presents fun, interesting & amazing facts in a humorous way. 


  • Youmail This app will transcribe your voicemail & send it to you as a text!
  • Audible –   Don’t have time to read but still want to get into a good book, this book-on-tape app is for you!
  • Buffer – This app will schedule your tweets for you throughout the day!
  •   – This website contains funny tweets with illustrations. 
  •  This website helps you learn about technology & put it to work for you! 


  • Sleep – Having problems falling asleep?  Turn on this app at night when you get into bed & it will do the trick!
  • Ringdroid  Tired of your ringtone?  Download any song & then use this app to turn whatever section of the song you like into a ringtone!
  • Flava Note / Journal – This app is for your private thoughts.  Not all journals should be shared!  If you want to keep a true diary, this app is for you!
  • Sketchbook Mobile Express  – This will satisfy the doodler in you!
  • Push Bullet– This android app lets you share links, files & addresses easily from your phone to your computer!


  • Guess World Famous Places – This photo quiz game will entertain & educate you about places around the world!
  • Guess Who Celebrity Quiz Game-  This fun game asks you to guess who the celebrities are before they were famous!
  • Road Ninja – This app will help you determine what is located at the next exit for those Spring Break road trips!
  • iExit  – This iphone app tells you what the next exit number is & what is located there!
  • Thyme– This app is invaluable for you chefs!  It allows you to set multiple timers for your culinary creations so that everything comes out at the same time!


  • Link Bubble– This android app lets you click on a link & that link opens up in a “bubble” without leaving the original site you are on!
  • Video Messaging Apps-  These apps make staying in touch by video a breeze!
  •           Skype
  •           Google Hangouts
  •           Tango
  •           FaceTime
  •           ooVoo
  •          Viber
  • Disney Movies Anywhere – This iPad app will help you entertain your kids on Spring Break!
  • SpringPad – This iPad app will allow you to create all kinds of notebooks – you can add pictures & alarms & reminders!

AfterLight– This iPad app is another great photo editing one complete with filters & color adapters!


  • Nutrition Basics: Weight Management & Meal Planning– This app is useful to get ready for Spring Break (& all year round!)
  • Thesaurasize-  This app is a quick & easy way to find synonyms (traditional & non-traditional.)
  • eFax– This app turns your smart phone or tablet into a FREE fax service!  Limited number of transmissions for free and more with the paid versions.
  • FileMaker Go – This iPad app will help you keep your files organized!
  • Dragon Dictation – This free app transcribes your voice into text.
  • CheckMark To Do List Pro – This Android App is a fabulous to do app for simple tasks to complex hierarchical checklists.


  • Script Calculator– This app is great for the math-challenged!  Simply write out calculations on your screen & the app will do the math function & even interpret your handwriting!
  • Bills Forecast-  This app will calculate your previous spending habits & help you budget based on your history of using money..
  • Coffee– This app is for you caffeine addicts!  It shows you the effects caffeine has on your body!.
  • Kitchen Stories Cookbook– Recipes galore replete with stories, photos & videos!

StackMotion – This photo app is like photoshop but simpler to use!  Create cut-outs from your photos & place them on different backgrounds!.


  • iHandy Carpenter – This app is great for DYI projects.  It has a bubble level, a plumb line & a protractor.
  • Behr Color Smart –  This Android app allows you to take a photo or use one from your photo gallery & then coordinate a paint series of Behr paint to the colors in the photo.
  • Home Improvement Calcs – This app is for your iPad will calculate how much lumber you will need for a project when you put in the measurements.
  • Home Savvy – Create a customizable home maintenance schedule for your home – when to clean the gutters, aerate the yard, etc.

MagicPlan – This app will measure a room & create a floorplan for you.


  • Khan Academy – This popular online school has an app where you can download educational videos to learn practically anything!
  • Lose It! –  This iPhone app is a diet & fitness app to help you get ready for bathing suit weather!
  • Disney Movies – This app is for your iPad.  It allows you to stream Disney movies!  Great for your kids or to entertain kids as you are there with their parents at the closing table!


  •  – This website allows you to pin pictures of the past onto maps of today.  Share photos of your family, friends, trips online and compare the pictures from the past with how the location looks today!
  • Akinator the Web Genie – This fun app can guess whatever person (real or fictional) of whom you think!
  • Cycloramic –  This iPhone app allows your camera to take 360 degree photos on its own!  Really cool!

Vyclyclone – Take up to four videos & this app will edit them together to show you the same scene from these 4 separate angles!


  •  – This website is a free Conference call site.  Need to talk to your clients who are in different locations and another party in yet another location?  Simply use this site to conference everyone in on one call.  You may record these calls & share docs through Dropbox & Google Drive
  • NBC Olympic Highlights – This app allows you to see everything going on with the Winter Olympics in Sochi!
  • MegaSound –  This Androd app allows you to control your Notification sounds & customize the sounds for different notifications.
  • CloudMagic – This app allows you to integrate all of your different email accounts in one app!


  • Birthday Calendar Elite – This app allows you to easily log in birthdays so you won’t forget… great for all of your clients!
  • Sochi News Free – This app allows you to stay current on the Winter Olympics in Sochi!
  • Dream Wheels Magazine –  Read articles & see pictures of the most exotic supercars from around the world!  Set Big Goals to accomplish Big Results!
  • Loop Wallet – Store your credit card information and pay at retailers with just your phone!  Great app if you travel!
  • Red Stamp – Design your own Valentine’s Day card with this app!


  • Unroll Me – This app allows you to see all your email subscriptions at once so you may unsubscribe to those no longer relevant to you.
  • Buffer – This app allows you social media junkies to schedule your posts throughout various sites throughout the day.
  • Pocket –  Log articles to read at a later time – even when you’re offline.
  • Toshl – A personal finance app with a sense of humor!
  • Unstuck – This app will give you exercises and tools to get you “unstuck” when you have a mind-blank.


  • Ledgerist – For those of you who still use or miss using a checkbook, this app is like a checkbook ledger so you can track your spending.
  • Manilla – This app is another designed to help you track your bills and spending. You can also schedule reminders for the dates your bills are due.
  • Couch to 5k – Need to start exercising & don’t know where to start? Download this app & you’ll be running in no time!
  • TriggerTrap – Another photo app that turns your phone into a DSLR camera!
  • Omnifocus – This to-do app will act like a personal secretary to manage your daily routine!


  • ChoiceMap – This app helps you methodically think through the decisions / choices you make.
  • American ldol Update – This app will help you keep current on this season’s American Idol whether it’s your guilty pleasure or you just want to stay “hip” with your kids!
  • Cleanmaster – This app will scan your installed apps for viruses and spyware and malware.
  • Interviewy – This app allows you to dictate meetings, lectures or your own ideas.


  • Flipagram – This iPhone photo App lets you create short videos from your gallery and instagram photos.
  • MyFitnessPal – This app will help you keep your New Year’s resolution to work out! l
  • MapMyRun – This app will chart your outdoor runs on maps.
  • WeightWatchers – This app tracks weight watchers points, calories burned & has recipes & forum support


  • Photo Wonder – This App has “thinnify” so you can make yourself look thinner  and a “beautify” to make yourself look more beautiful in those Selfies you send!
  • Sleep Cycle – This iPhone app learns your sleep habits to wake you during the lightest part of your sleep cycle so you feel most rested.
  • Quiz Up – This trivia game allows you to play Trivia in a game-show format with your friends or any other players throughout the world.
  •  – This website offers free movies & TV shows!


  • SnapChat – This      texting App for iPhones automatically erases your text after it’s      sent!
  • Google Keep –      This android app makes notes that look like little      “sticky’s!”
  • GarageBand –      This music-making app is fun and easy to use on your iPad.
  • AirDisplay – This      App turns your iPad into an additional external monitor for your      laptop!

Any.Do – – This Android App is a simple To-Do lists that easily divides your chores into Work & Personal lists.


  • 12 Days of Christmas – This App allows you to make your own Christmas videos by recording you & your friends or kids singing along to Christmas carols!
  • Christmas Countdown – This Countdown App counts you down to the big day!
  • Yummy Christmas – This has easy Christmas recipes to make with your kids.
  • Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes – Like Elf Yourself!
  • 100 Christmas Gifts –– This is a fun puzzle app!
  • Christmas Live Wallpaper – For your android device!


  • RoadTrippers – Great travel app!  Points of interest & turn-by-turn directions!
  • – This app & website is the perfect place to find those one-of-a-kind gifts for the hard-to-shop-for person in your life!
  • Butterball Cookbook Plus – For that perfect Christmas goose!
  • Audible -Thousands of audio books!
  • Flixter – The must-have app for movie-lovers!  Showtimes & movie facts!


  • Ember – This App makes it easy to capture, organize and share things that inspire you.
  • Beard Me Booth – This App allows you to put a beard on anyone’s photo… a la Duck Dynasty!
  • Advent 2013 – This is an online Advent calendar.
  • PDF Wordsmith – Convert pdf to word.  This app is $6.99
  • Quick Sign Pro –– This app allows you to sign & fill-in pdf documents.


  • Taasky – This Apple App is a beautiful and easy-to-use task manager.
  • SpringPad – This Androd App allows you to create as many notebooks as you want and add voice reminders & alarms!
  • Start – This Androd App will simplify your lockscreen and add the apps you use most often!
  • Maleware Bytes Anti-Malware – This popular program for your computer is now available for your smartphone!.


OneClue – This fun word game will keep you occupied until the turkey is ready!
AllRecipes.Com Dinner Spinner – This iPhone App will help you pick out all the side dishes to prepare this Thanksgiving.
Chow’s Thanksgiving Dinner Coach – This app will help you with your toughest Thanksgiving dinner challenges with step-by-step guides!
TGI Black Friday – This smartphone app is your shopping essential!


GoGo – This App allows your talk and text features available on your phone in “airplane” mode when you travel. It connects through the WiFi service onboard your flight.
Shadow Explorer – This program is not a “Back Up” service but it can access a damaged file.
Kayak – This site shows you the best travel deals from all of the popular travel sites.
YooOffer – This site is a fast way to sell online. Post your product in 60 seconds & Buyers may buy through PayPal.


  • ReES File Explorer – This Android App will help you organize your files on your phone.
  • Google Keep – This Android app is a light and colorful notekeeping app & talks to Google Drive.
  • Helium – This Android app will back up your phone.
  • RealCalc – Great all purpose calculator


  • Google Alerts – You can set up a Google Alert for your name (business or personal) and then you will get an email when someone searches for you online  You can also set up a Google Alert for search terms for which you are trying to rank in SEO.
  • Homesnap – This app will give you the 411 on a house simply by snapping a photo of the house.
  • Find my iPhone – This app will help you locate a misplaced iPhone
  • PicStitch – Combine multiple photos into one!
  • Luminosity Mobile – This app has lots of brain puzzles to help keep your mind sharp!


  • Mile IQ – This app & website will easily track your mileage and categorize it as personal or business.
  • Sound Note – This app is a note-taking app with a twist… it records your notes then makes it easy to go back & find just what you were looking for!
  • Route4Me – This app is a must-have if you show property!  It is a GPS app where you can enter multiple locations and it will calculate the easiest route to all places!


  • Instructables - This app is like a wikapedia for how to build stuff!
  • Directr – This app is a really simple movie / photo editing app. 
  • Stow – This app is a must-have if you travel.  It creates packing templates to you never forget to pack what you need!  


  • Evernote Food – This app is perfect for storing recipes, photos of food & a list of your favorite restaurants!
  • Last Message  – Your phone is about to die and you are in the middle of a text or phone conversation with someone.  This app will text, send a Facebook message, a tweet or email those you select that your phone is about to die.
  • Over – This fun app allows you to easily and prettily add captions to your photos


  • My New Home – This app by Chase allows you and your Buyers to be in touch with the real estate market.  – Stay tuned for a Lunch & Learn in the West Cobb office on this app.
  • Vine – This site is like Twitter but for Videos….6 seconds max.
  • Reddit – This app allows users to submit links or text that is voted upon by other reddit users.  Sort of a source for news & a search engine but with some social interaction.
  • Tumblr – This app and website is for posting & sharing photos & videos.
  • Kik – A smartphone message service that shares photos & videos rather than texts
  • Wanelo – “Want Need Love” – This app is instagram plus shopping.  Users post photos and links of products that you want or have bought & they can be tagged and shared.


  • JotNot Scanner – This app allows turns your smartphone into a portable scanner!
  • Hammer Point – This app allows you to create detailed repair estimates & reports for approximate costs for requested repairs during a transaction.
  • Digital Receipts – This app allows you to take photos of your receipts & email them to yourself to go totally paperless!
  • CardMunch – This cool app allows you to snap a photos of a business card and send them for processing.  You will then receive back in a detailed contact list.


  • Play Designer – This app allows you to create your own football plays on your iPad!
  • Quotes- Get Inspired – This app will give you a new inspirational quote each day!
  • Angel Avatar Creator – Dress Up Games – This app will keep your little girls entertained while you conduct your business!  They can dress up an angel and change her looks!
  • MagicPlan (Floor Plan Creator for android) – This cool app allows you to make custom floor plans merely by taking photos of the house on your smartphone.


  • Clear – This app is an awesome and user-friendly to-do list!
  • MindNote – This app will stimulate your creativity and help you be more productive with mind-mapping and brain storming!
  • MailBox – This app will help you narrow down your inbox to a manageable size!
  • CloudOn – This app allows you to use Mircrosoft programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on ALL your devices… even your Apple iPhone!
  • Checkmark – Another To-Do list but one where you can set reminders so you can actually check off items on your list! .


  • BlinkDrink – This fun app makes your phone blink with changing color lights.  When you put a glass on top of this, it makes your drink glow.  Beware of putting a glass full of liquid on your cell phone!
  • Sitegeist – This app will give you current and accurate information about an area including age distribution and average income of a neighborhood.  Great to share with your Buyers.
  •  – This website will test your internet connection.  If you have a slow computer, there are many factors that could be the cause… this website will let you know if it is your internet service provider and your upload and download speeds.


  • Photo Artist+ – This app combines your photos with painting techniques to allow you to create beautiful & unique pieces of art on your iPhone or iPad!
  • Workout Routine Magazine – This app will help you take your workouts to the next level.
  • Relax Zone – This app combines beautiful melodies and colors to help you relax!  Great for meditation or yoga!
  • Recipeas  – This app finds recipes that you can easily make with the ingredients you already have on hand!


  • Instapaper – When you don’t have time to read the whole newspaper or blog post, store it in this app to read it later!
  • Where’s My Droid – This app will help you locate your lost device using a ring tone, GPS locator & you can even have it take a photo remotely to see your lost phone’s surroundings!  Now if it can only help me find my keys!
  • Find My iPhone – This app is the same as above only for iPhones!
  • Smart Magnifier  – This app turns your phone into a magnifying glass… for those times you forgot your reading glasses!


  • – Just to get a head-start on your Christmas Shopping.  This app is powerful for creating all kinds of shopping lists!
  • AutoDesk Homestyler – This app allows you to place furniture in an empty room… you can even add pictures from your own home!
  • Grovo – This app provides mini tips & tricks on all things having to do with the internet in little 1 minute videos.
  • Asphault 8: Airborne  – This fun racing game will add a little diversion to your day!


  • myHomework Student Planner – Just what your student needs for their iPad for Back to School!
  • Samsung Wallet – This app is (obviously) for Samsung droids.  It allows you to keep track of your boarding passes on your phone or tablet. … Great for that last Summer Vacations… or to think ahead for Christmas Break!
  • PassBook – Apple’s equivalent of above.
  • Death Off the Cuff – This charming app is a text-adventure murder mystery inspired by Hercule Poirot!  Make the murderer reveal himself or solve the case!


  • Tap Words – Are you addicted to Words with Friends?  Well check out this app!
  • IQ Test – Tith the kids going back to school you may want to check out your own IQ and have fun with these logic puzzles!
  • FFC 2013 – Football Season is quickly approaching!! This app is a Fantasy Football Calculator & Draft kit! Go Falcons!
  • Luminosity – This cool app will help you improve your memory, attention and overall brainpower!
  • – This website will help you (& your clients) find unique things to do, amazing tours and unforgettable experiences to help you explore your own city!


  • Countdone – This app lets you set timers for your To-Do lists to keep you motivated and on target!
  • Spendee – This app analyzes your spending habits so you can see where your money goes!
  • iTriage – This app offers quick medical advice AND once you input your health insurance provider, it will locate the nearest in-plan doctor for you!
  • Star Walk – This cool Apple app is a fabulous astronomy guide.  Point your phone or iPad to the Heavens and it will tell you all the information about the constellations that is in its viewfinder


  • Packing – This app turns your phone into a closet/outfit organizer to help you pack matching outfits in a small suitcase…. to sae room for souvenirs!.
  • Pocket Cocktails – This app gives you all the recipes you’ll need to create that fun fruity or frozen cocktail that quenches your thirst this Summer!  Just don’t drink & drive!!!
  • My Car Locater – This app wll help you locate your car in that HUGE parking lot after a long day at the amusement park!
  • Pac-Man Lite – This oldie but goodie all-time favorite brings back good memories!


  • Soonr Scribble – This app for your Samsung Galaxy Note allows you to make any document interactive… you can edit, add or mark up any of 35 document types including pdfs  and worf.
  • Skitch – This Galaxy Note app lets you write on photos… great to point out “master bedroom” “kid’s room” on a photo of a home in which Buyer is interested.
  • My Real Font Pro – This Galaxy Note app allows you to create your own text font!
  • Makeup – This app let’s you “apply” makeup to a photo… give yourself a virtual makeover before spending $15 on a tube of lipstick.
  • Flipboard – This app allows you to aggregate the top news stories and photos circulating on the web.


  • My Radar – This app will show you the weather radar in real-time.
  • Business Card Master – This app helps you capture all the information from business cards and store them in your contacts or  card holder.
  • Homes – This app contains a search, mortgage calculator, virtual tours and more!
  • Appfolio – Phis Property Management app allows you to organize all the info regarding tenants and post ads when property is vacant.
  • My Inventory Manager – This app allows you to track all the items in your home or properties if you have rental properties.


  • Metal Detector – This app will not only help you find buried treasure, but you can also find a lost set of keys or metal wires or pipes in walls.
  • Mixlr – This app is perfect if you want to stat a podcast for your business (or for phone) as it allows you to basically create a TWO-WAY interactive radio-type broadcast right from your smartphone! Broadcast news about your business, the market, a subdivision or just your favorite tunes! You can save these podcasts online for free!
  • Melon Meter – This app is perfect for Summer! Put your phone’s microphone up to a melon and knock on the melon. The app will tell you whether or not it is ripe!
  • LeafSnap – Place a fallen leaf on a plain background and take a photo. This app will tell you the type of tree from which it comes and show you a photo of its flowers and fruit.
  • Instant Heart Rate – GPlace your fingertip over the camera and this app will tell you your heartrate. Your skin gets just a bit redder with every heartbeat and the camera detects this change to calculate your heart rate.


  • Carrot – This app has a somewhat sadistic personality that turns your “To-Do” list into a game! When you get things done, Carrot will reward you… when you don’t…. you don’t want to upset this app!
  • Last Message – Ever been in a situation where you are running out of battery and you want to let your family know, this app will text, email, FB message your friends that your phone is about to die.
  • Over – This app allows you to add text to your photos in really cool fonts.
  • Instructables – This Social Media app is a collection of “how-to” videos… a really fun DIY app.
  • Stow – Getting ready for your Summer vacation? You need this app! It will organize and remember what you need to pack so you don’t forget anything!


  • Floating Stickies – Sticky notes for your android that stay on top of all other apps that are open so you can always use them! Just like reaching for a sticky note in the corner of your desk to apply to whatever project that has your immediate attentions!
  • www.Flvto.comThis cool site allows you to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file. Next time that viral video has a catchy tune or a funny saying, convert it to an MP3 and listen to it on your ipod or convert it to a ringtone!
  • – This site is primarily targeted towards students but it is very useful for anyone! It’s basically a digital flashcard site but it’s loaded with tons of other learning tools!


  • Stitcher – Are you tired of listening to the radio in the car or especially on a road trip? This app allows you to download a never-ending stream of podcasts. If you are not sure what to listen to, it will give you some suggestions based on your interests.
  • Splashtop – This app allows you to access your computer from any internet connection.
  • Zedge – This app is great for personalizing your phone or tablet with backgrounds, ringtones or notification


  • RePix – Another fabulous photo editing app to edit & remix your photos!
  • Clear Day Free – This app brings stunning videos of weather conditions.
  • Closet – Create a database of your wardrobe in your closet so this app can easily create new outfits for you out of the clothes you already own!


  • Crazy Mike’s Apps – Download the special Memorial Day app that decorates your photos with patriotic backgrounds & overlays.
  • RoadNinja – This app shows you the best places to stop along the way of your Memorial Day Road Trip!
  • Weber’s On The Grill – This app is loaded with recipes for grilling, rubs, sauces. It creates grocery lists and has everything you need to fire up the grill.


  •  – This blog is replete with articles, videos and podcasts that you will find fun & informative.
  • Cloud On    – This app brings MS Office to your iPhone & iPad!
  • AwayFind – Expecting a counteroffer or other important email?  Stop checking your email every 5 minutes.  This app will send you a text message on your phone when you receive an urgent email.
  • Beamr – This app lets you share high quality photos as a magazine with a custom cover.


  • Moves – This fitness tracking device keeps track of your walking, cycling & running data.
  • Close to You Pro – Locate yourself via GPS & see everything that’s around you… restaurants, theaters, etc!
  • Evernote Food – For you foodies, log the perfect meal… complete with photo-taking abilities!
  • Simple Money – Track your spending AS you spend money then create end-of month reports to keep you on your budget


  • Paper – This cool iPad app lets you paint, draw, sketch & write ideas in virtual notebooks..
  • ZenView – This app is relaxing with beautiful images that you touch & see the soothing water ripples.
  • – This website will help you get “techhy” easily & effortlessly!
  • – This fun site contains all types of pop culture from the 80’s and 90’s.
  • – This site has random, interesting & amazing facts along with trivia & quizzes.


  • Google Keep – This note-taking app takes notes as text, pictures, lists & voice memos.
  • Photoshop Touch – This app is photoshop for your smartphone photos.
  • Join.Me – This iPad app lets you host virtual meetings and share tablet/computer desktops.
  • Mint – This app lets you track all of your spending whether it be on credit card, bank account, etc & will track your spending trends!
    Newsy – This app pulls together short videos of the latest news.


  • Strophes – This app will provide you with the lyrics to the songs  you sing at the top of your lungs… in the car!
  • Cents    – This app helps you keep track of your finances… don’t let them get away from you!
  • – This site is great for finding and selling discounted gift cards.
  • Your Public Library – With your library card you can “checkout” library books electronically for free directly to your tablet or smartphone.  When it’s time to “return” the book, it simply disappears from your device!


  •  – This website will help you keep track of all of your logins and passwords.
  •    – This website offers a variety of cloud-based apps.
  • Gas Buddy – This app & website will let you know the cheapest gas closest to your location.
  • – This website details the content of food in restaurants & recipes


  • Sunrise – This App pulls all of your events from your Google calendar, Facebook & other places into one handy calendar.
  • Find. Eat. Drink – This app is fabulous for you Foodies. It gives you recommendations on restaurants by top industry insiders.
  • Flayvr – This iPhone & Android App makes sense of your camera roll & intuitively organizes your photos by date.
  • Any.Do – This app helps you procrastinators … check out this reminder app.


  • ThinkBook – This Apple app for all-in-one note-taking, now supports attachments.
  • Simple Bracket – Best app for the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
  • www.internetforbeginners.comThis wesite from is a guide to participating in onlne culture.


  • Plume – The best Twitter platform for Android.
  • Pandora – Internet radio … pick the genre or sound of your choice and customize your tunes without specific downloads.
  • iHeartRadio – This is just like Pandora but it has real radio stations as well!


  • SoundHound – This app identifies any song you hear or sing! It’s like Shazam but with more features!
  • Any.Do – This app is a simple & stylish tool for keeping organized with to-do lists.
  • Box – This is a more secure version of DropBox.
  • Catch Notes – This is a stylized version of Evernote… stores your notes, documents, photoes, etc & is accessible across all your devices.


  • History Eraser Pro – This app allows you to delete all the junk off of your phone to make it run smoother and faster.
  • SpeedTest – This app will enable you to see the connectivity speed of your network.
  • Tasker – This amazing app turns your android phone into a genius! Totally program commands into your phone such as “automatically turn on your music when you plug in headphones.”
  • X-Plore – This app allows you to see the file systems in your phone & will allow you to move, copy and rename folders.


  • AWS Console – This tool from Amazon Web Services provides a mobile management service for all of your cloud storage
  • FX Guru  – This app allows you to add Hollywood-style big effects to your videos!.
  • Izik  – This search engine designed specifically for tablets allows for plenty of images to swipe & move across the screen.
  • – This fun website is fun & addictive!  Learn how to do all sorts of fun, wild and wacky things!


  • Google Goggles – Point your phone’s camera at something of interest and this app will give you all the relevant information about it.
  • Been Verified – This app does free background checks.
  • iHandy Carpenter – 5 carpenter tools in one app – a bubble level, a ruler, a protractor, a plumb & more.
  • Cloud Magic – This lets you search among ALL of your applications to find what you are looking for! You can search your gmail, other email accounts, apps, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox & more & gathers all the results in one place so you won’t have to go hunting through several documents anymore to find what you need.


  • LaDiDi – This app lets you croon love songs to your loved one… even if you can’t carry a tune!  Sing into your phone & it analyzes your voice to compose music to match!
  • Virtual Candle  – Everyone knows how romantic candlelight is, yet sometimes there aren’t any around or it wouldn’t be safe to light one… use this app & you can have candlelight at your disposal!
  • Kiss ‘N Booth  – Kiss your phone & this app will analyze how good of a kisser you are!
  • Love Quotes – Never run out of that special way to tell your Valentine that you love them!


  • Free Book Sifter  – This has free books for all your electronics… iPad, smart phone, kindle, or even pc!
  • Computer Keyboard Shortcuts – When typing on your computer, there are certain shortcuts you should use regularly:
    • CTRL + S = Save – will save your work
    • CTRL + Z = Undo – will undo the last thing you did
    • CTRL + C = Copy
    • CTRL + V = Paste
    • CTRL + ALT + DEL = Bring up task manager to see what running programs are slow or stuck so you can turn those off (typically hitting these 3 keys together twice will warm boot your computer)
    • CTRL + F = Find – if you are looking for a particular word or phrase within a document on your screen – you may also “find & replace” from this combination
  • Cycloramic  – This fun app allows you to create a panoramic photo by laying your iPhone down on a surface, hitting “go” & watching your phone spin around!


  •  –   This website allows you to send your gmails at specified times and track your emails when they are delivered & opened.
  • Lodge Net  – This app allows you to control the TV in your hotel room from your phone (if the hotel is a member.)
  • Neckties – When you prepare for your next listing appointment or next closing, experiment with tying your tie in a new way… this app will show you how!
  • Tracing Paper  – This fun app allows you to create a tracing of any photo in your phone.


  • Offer Beam  – This app finds extra savings/coupons for deals that are around you.  When you are in your car and drive near a store with a coupon, you will get an automatic text message of that deal so you won’t miss out!
  • Remember the Milk – Another fabulous “to-do” list app which allows you to access and manage your list from all of your electronic devices… phone, tablet & computer.
  • Passbook  – This Apple app is a handy “online wallet” to store all of your electronic tickets in one place… when you buy from Ticketmaster, book a flight, etc!  You’ll never be stuck without your tickets when you use Passbook.


  • SoundGecko  – This app allows your phone to read to you!  Text-to-speech transcription works with emails, texts, websites, blogs, pdfs, etc.
  • Protect Your Smartphone – This app protects your phone & iPad from viruses and malicious apps!
  • WiFi Finder  – This app uses your phone’s GPS to find nearby hotspots both free & paid!


  •  – This website is sure to inspire you!  Video interviews of some of America’s most inspiring & trailblazing women in their field!  You don’t have to be female to be inspired by their words & experiences!
  • www.pocket.comThis site is the easiest way to store all those articles & photos you want to read later!
  •  – Best website for an organized life!


  • TED – A collection of talks on almost any subject from the world’s great leaders.
  • IMDb Movies & TV – This app has tons of movies & TV shows.
  • Crackle – More free movies & TV shows on your phone!
  • InkPad Notepad – A simple app for taking notes!
  • Portable WiFi Hotspot  – This app will improve your mobile computing.


  • Winamp – MP3 player for Android.
  • Swype – This app makes it easier & faster to type & text on your keyboard!
  • Flickr – Fabulous photo app for all those holiday pictures!
  • Google Maps Navigation – Turn by turn navigation through Google Maps!
  •  – The fun site only appears this time of year!


  • RoadTrippers – Great travel app!  Points of interest & turn-by-turn directions!
  • Etsy – This app & website is the perfect place to find those one-of-a-kind gifts for the hard-to-shop-for person in your life!
  • Butterball Cookbook Plus – For that perfect Christmas goose!
  • Audible – Thousands of audio books!
  • Flixter – The must-have app for movie-lovers!  Showtimes & movie facts!


  • Cards – Use this app to send out custom Holiday cards from your iphone & you may include a photo also.  For $2.99 each, they will also be printed & mailed for you.
  • The Christmas List – Sorts & categorizes your contacts, tracks gifts & spending!
  • Hanukkah Recipe – Recipes for Hanukkah & other Jewish holidays.  Includes Ashkenazic and Sephardic dishes.
  • Menorah-Chanukah – An electronic menorah complete with prayers & beautiful music!
  • Christmas Radio– Who doesn’t want to lsten to Christmas music to get in the spirit!


  • Key Ring Rewards Cards – Use this app to organize all of those little plastic rewards cards you have in your wallet.
  • Bump – Gently bump two phones together and share photos, apps, contacts & messages!
  • Meal Snap – Snap a photo of the meal & this app will tell you what’s in it & how many calories the meal contains…. aren’t you glad I shared this one AFTER Thanksgiving!??!  😉


  • Paperless – Use this app to create & organize lists of anything
  • Cloud On – Create & edit Microsoft Office documents on your iPad
  • Attachments.Me – For your gmail attachments
  • JotNot Pro– To use your phone as a scanner
  • Cue– Know what”s next in your life
  • All of these above apps work with DropBox! Install the app on your smartphone then go the the settings on the app to allow the connection to Dropbox!


  • Age Calculator- This fun app calculates your age in years, days, hours, minutes & seconds!
  • 6501 Crazy Facts– Who doesn’t love useless knowledge?  Entertain yourself or your kids with these interesting facts!
  • Sky Drive – Microsoft’s cloud service with online storage document creation, editing & sharing.  The cornerstone of Windows 8!


  • Dragon Mobile Assistant- This personal assistant will read your messages out loud and respond to your vocal commands.
  • My Radar– An app that will show you the current radar reading for the weather in your area.
  • Countdown Widget – Awaiting Christmas or some other special occasion in your life?  This fun app will help you get there!


  • Sooner or Later- A to-do list for procrastinators!  This app divides your list into items to do “Sooner” or “Later!”
  • Inrix Traffic– An app that will let you know of real-time traffic to avoid jams and be on time for all your appointments!
  • Halloween Alarm Clock– Awaken to a spooky Halloween sound to get you in the spooky spirit!
  • St John Ambulance First Aid – Find the appropriate triage action to take if someone has an accident or hurts themselves.
  • Halloween Sounds Pro– Freak out your friends with spooky sounds of the season!
  • Flashlight – Make sure to download some flashlight app for trick-or-treating!


  • Vlingo- Voice-to-text & voice recognition app.  Stay safe while using your phone so you don’t have to look at it.
  • Navigon– A GPS app that doesn’t use Google Maps.
  • – This website will help you find money that is owed to you (FHA escrow refunds, unclaimed unsurance policies, etc.)
  • Gas Buddy – Find the cheapest gas that is nearest you based on your GPS location.


  • Funny Mouth- Turn your phone into a mouth to lighten up any mood!
  • Sly Dial– Don’t want to talk to someone but need to?  Use this app to make your call go directly to the person’s voice mail!
  • – This website is the ultimate free resource for diet & nutrition information if you want to lose weight or just stay healthy!
  • Run Keeper – Keeps a log of your running!
  • Spark People – A companion app to log your calories & exercise to monitor your health!


  • Jasmine- If you have downloaded the new IOS 6 to your Apple iPhone or iPad and you miss your YouTube app, download Jasmine so you can watch your favorite videos again!
  • Voice Search – This android app lets you search your phone & the internet with voice commands.
  • – The MOST addictive website online today!  It’s like hoarding without the clutter!
  • Pinterest – Download this app to your phone or tablet so you don’t have to be too far away from Pinterest!
  • Color Note – Great notepad app for your android.  Little stickys are always useful!


  • Hair Makeover- Try on different hairstyles before going to the salon
  • Fix Ya – Fun app will provide you with solutions for everything… how to fix dehumidifiers & lubricate lawnmowers & such
  • Field Trip– Great new android app that will tell you all kinds of really cool things around you to do & see!
  • – Want your next party to have a great theme & be paid for mostly by a famous brand?  Apply to HouseParty to host a memorable brand-sponsored party complete wth goody-bags & bumper stickers!


  • Aging Booth- Cool app that will take a photo of a person now & then show you what that person will look like when they are old
  • Voice Changer Plus – Fun app that changes the way your voice sounds!
  • Impossible Magic– Amazing card trick on your phone!
  • – Great website full of all kinds of “how to” tips, “best of” apps, “Ask tech help” & “Geeky fun!”


  • LiveStrong Calorie Counter- Self-explanatory
  • Song Beats – Teaches you to play the drums!
  • 18000 Cool Jokes– When you’re at a loss for words!
  • 6501 Crazy Facts – When you’re bored or curious


  • MustKnow News- Top 10 headlines at a glance!
  • Hot Salsa – Step-by-step instructions to learn to Salsa Dance!
  • www.TheRealDamage.comWant to know the real cost of using credit… check out this site!  Simply input the cost of an item, the APR, minimum payment and balance on your credit card and this website will calculate the TRUE price of the item with the interest accrued if you actually charge it… will definitely make you think TWICE!


  • ToodleDo- To Do List for your iPad!
  • Burner – Don’t want to give out your real number or publish it on Craigslist? Use this app to get a temporary cell phone number that lasts for 7 days, 60 texts or 20 minutes of call time!
  • LastPass – Forget all your passwords? This app stores them all in one place!
  • www.CatalogChoice.orgStop junk mail & get ONLY the junk mail that you want!


  • www.StumbleUpon.comThis website is like having a remote control for the internet. Flip through wesites quickly like changing the channels on the TV with your remote!
  • – This cool wwebsite gives you an in-depth look at weather throughout the country!
  •  – Into gadgets?  This site will show you the latest & coolest!
  • www.Dogster.comCheck out this website … it’s like Facebook for dogs… or dog-lovers.  Socialize online with other pup-lovers!


  • HUD Homestore Mobile Search– With this new iPhone app, you can access HUD Homestore from your phone!
  • Lost Photos– This free download will scour your email & find old digital photos you have sent or received on your computer that you may have received in an email or stored someplace unfamilar & didn’t realize you had!
  • School Notebook – This google app has everything you need to take note on or offline!
  • www.Free-Attractions.comCheck out this website for FREE things to do in all 50 states!


  • Have2PRestroom Locator– With the water out in all these foreclosure properties, sometimes you gotta go!
  • Near+Now– Cool locations & great places to see based on your GPS location!
  • www.meetup.comCheck out this website as a fabulous lead-generation source!  Find an interest or activity that you enjoy & you’ll find out where the latest meeting is and you can introduce your real estate services while doing something you enjoy!


  • CliffsNotes– This oldie but goodie will still get you through in a pinch!
  • BrainTrainer– 10 Memory Games to enhance memory & attention skills.
  • www.SlickScreen.comDownload this software to split your computer screen to be more productive!
  • Winkflash – Turns all those great summer photos into gorgeous prints!


  • iHomework– This handy school organizer keeps classes, grades, teachers & to-do organized right at your fingertips!!
  • CoolIris– Fullscreen search finds pictures of just about anything!
  • Play – Play Olympic games on your phone!
  • Stanza – Accesses over 50,000 classics for you to read on your phone or tablet!


  • BBC Olympics– This app has in-depth analysis & history of each sport & will have updates of the results!
  • CNBC Olympics Live Extra– Same as above with a slightly American slant!
  • Play – Play Olympic games on your phone!
  • Cowbell2010 – Cheer your favorite athlete… download the American flag & shake shake shake!


  • DMD– This app creates seamless panoramic 360 degree photos from your phone!
  • Calcmoolator– This  has every kind of calculator your could possibly dream of and you can email the results of your calculations.  (Mortgage calculators, Savings calculators, financial calculators, etc.)
  • Camscanner – Turns your smartphone into a scanner!  Never use a fax again!
  • Handcent – Easy text program that stores “Quick Texts” for you to easily & quickly respond to leads!  (& supports Emoji emoticons for fun smilies!!)
  • – Marketing & Technology & Travel Blog with huge focus on Real Estate Agents


  • TripList– This app helps you make a packing list for your Summer vacations.
  • Multi Lang Dictionary + TTS – Translates multiple languages & even has text to voice feature!
  • Kayak – A fabulous aggregator of flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc… find the best prices!
  • Book – Finds the best price on hotel rooms on your trip!


  • Sketchbook Pro– Creates sketches & renderings of your ideas!
  •  – This is a website AND an app. It enters transactions & updates balances of your accounts.
  • SplashMoney – Another personal finance money-management app.
  • CheckPlease Lite– this app has a handy calculator to help you split the bill among friends when you dine out.
  • Puluwai Real Estate Search – Info on homes for sale.


  • CardMunch– As an app (or go to the website) this function takes the business cards you collect and finds that person on social media sites (Favebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc!) .
  • – Enter in a contact & this program will find all the social media entires for that person – just like above.  Works with Outlook, gmail & android.
  • Pipl – Another fun people-search app
  • – Jack Canfield’s website replete with tool to help you achieve success!


  • Sanity– This app filters calls and announces callers and can even automatically answer calls!
  • Zinio  – This iPad app is a free reader for magazines!
  • StumbleUpon – Download this app and you can find and store all the cool things on the web in one place!
  •    – These two websites are online journaling sites.


  • Pulse– This app provides RSS feeds in attention-grabbing pictures so you can stay current with the latest news or blogs you follow!
  • Evernote  – This app stores all your ideas & notes & is accessible in the cloud so you can access from any of your electronic devices!
  • Kindle  – Download and read books on your cell phone like you would your Kindle!
  •   – This website uses online videos in a way to inspire you with stories to instill kindness, goodness and generosity.


  • – This blog is replete with handy tips that will save you money and make you more productive!
  •  – This website is the “definitive guide to self-improvement.”  It contains valuable information on how to invest in yourself!
  • – Tips and downloads for getting things done!  You’ll LOVE this site and all the ideas and resources it provides!
  • “Write it Down and Make it Happen” – This book has practical tips and inspiring stories about the power of writing down your goals and seeing magic happen. Understand how to be a proactive force in your own destiny.


  • Angry Birds– This fun app will help you pass the time when you simply need a break.  It is addicting and fun to play!  You will soon be wearng an Angry Birds t-shirt!
  • Wikipanion – The free iphone app of the popular Wikipedia but this one is specifically designed for smart phone use
  • Around Me– Figures out where you are and finds local stuff… restaurants, shopping, entertaining!
  • Touch Mouse– Did you know that your iPhone can act as a wireless mouse or keyboard for your PC or Mac?
  • Printer Share – Print photos, contacts or whatever is on your iPhone’s notepad to your own printer!


  • Chick-fil-A– This app features the “Amazing Cow Hereos” comic book series!
  • – This app is like an online Better Business Bureau.  You can leave a “gripe” or “cheer” about a business.
  • – Customer service training, books, resources & courses!


  • HabitMaster – App that tracks your activities to help you build positive habits in your life!
  •– Your guide to time management, efficiency & productivity!
  •– The latest news on time management!
  • Priority Matrix App – Organizes your “to-do’s” into urgent/non-urgent and important/non-important
  • Wunderlist – A “To DO” AND Scheduling App that integrates all your electronic devices and you can share with others!



  • Voice Changer Plus– This app lets you change your voice in fun ways when leaving messages!
  • Photo Chop– makes funny photos by putting you & your friends in crazy backgrounds!
  • Tweetdeck for iPhone– A must-have if you use twitter!!
  • Google Earth – Visit anywhere in the world with the swipe of a finger!  Check out neighborhoods from an aerial perspective!
  • Twitteriffic– A premier app for reading posts & posing tweets easily from your phone!


  • Bizo Switchboard – This app shortens your website link in your tweets so you can get all your thoughts across including sharing a website in 140 characters!
  •– This website allows you to tweet a photo!
  • Klout– This app scores and ranks your social influence through your various social media methods!
  • Twiends – This app shows you the top Twitter users & topics so you can see who & what is attracting the most attention!


  • Google Translate – This app can translate text between 57 different languages!  Plus…. you can speak into your phone and hear the proper pronunciation in a different language! Now that’s a FUN Spring Break if you’re going somewhere where English is not the primary language!
  • Cleaning Manual– tells you how to get stains out… when you switch over your closet from Winter clothes to Spring clothes, this may come in handy!
  • Good Housekeeping @Home– Tons of fabulous all around tips to make your house & home clean & tidy when doing your Spring Cleaning!
  • TripAdvisor – This app provides you with a wealth of information when planning your Spring Break vacation!   Flight times, restaurant recommendations, activities, hotel information & more!
  • Camera Zoom FX – A fun and easy photo editing app so you can preserve your Spring Break photos and post them immediately on Facebook!


  • Around Me – This app figures out where you are and then lists local restaurants, gas stations, ice cream shops, etc around you!
  • iHandy Level Free – turns your phone into a carpenter’s level… bubble and all!
  • Red Laser – This is a great free barcode scanner!  Very useful when you’re shopping!
  • Shazam – So cool!  Ever hear a song on the radio and not sure who sings it or what the title is?  This app “listens” to the song & will tell you the info you want to know!

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