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kvCORE Productivity Platform & Agent-Branded Websites – Info & Training Links & Q&A

kvCore – Agent Productivity Platform & Agent-Branded Websites – Training Series

kvCore Agent Productivity Platform – Agent-Branded Website & CRM & Lead-Generation & MORE! – TRAINING VIDEOS Orientation & Overview – 3/17/22

Watch this Recorded Presentation on what the kvCore Productivity Platform is & what it can do for you!


Training #2: Getting Started

Agent Training #2 – Getting Started & Growing Your Business

TRAINING #3: Growing Your Business Even More

Agent Training #3


kvCore – Q&A

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Q:  What is kvCORE?

A: It is a Tech Package with everything all on ONE platform with only ONE password to remember. It is a real estate platform built to empower you with Networking, Prospecting, Converting Leads, Niche Marketing & more! Each agent has their own approach to real estate based on their unique strengths.  Many brokerages try to piece together products to meet these unique needs but just end up with a sea of disjointed tools that don’t talk to one another.  kvCORE is the only real estate platform that empowers every type of agent to manage & grow their business, all from one central place.

Q: What will it do for me / my business?

A: This AMAZING all-in-one platform will help you serve more people & make more money & have more control & have more time and aren’t these the reasons you chose Real Estate as a career?!?! 

Q: What is Included?

A: kvCORE Platform
* LeadEngine
* Agent-Branded Website & IDX Homesearch
* Smart CRM
* Listings CRM

CORE Listing Machine & CORE Social
* Automated Listing Mktg Features: Tours, Videos, Single Property Websites, Chat to Text, Fliers, etc.
* Automated Listing Posting & Promotion
* Automated Social Media Marketing

CORE Present
* Modern Comparative Market Analysis
* Interactive Pricing Dashboard
* Client Engagement Tracking
* Customizable Presentation Capabilities

Mobile Apps
* kvCORE Mobile App for Users
* Integrated Mobile Dialer
* Millions Mapped (as available)
* kvCORE Open House App

Q: Can we Keep Chime? 

A:  YES you can keep that at the same cost.

Q: Does Chime interface with KV?

A:  It does not.

Q: I have read comments online that Chime is better at lead gen than KV. Is this true?

A:  They are both rated very high.  KV is #1 and just won awards on Inman News and Chime is #2.  We really had a hard time with this project because we LOVE Chime and negotiated a crazy good price.  Chime was not compatible with other programs to get to our all-in-one endgame and KV was turn-key.  It has everything we need with interfaces with SkySlope and QuickBooks.   Chime is not there.  YET.  Because both are amazing products and service, we kept Chime and will be working with them to get to the point where they have an all-in one also.  At the end, we will see who we like best.

Q: If I cancel Chime, can I export all of my data to KV?

A:  They have ensured this that it is easy and common. 

Q:  When will this all happen?

A:  We just signed all the paperwork and it will take 3-4 months

Q:  What else does it do for my business?

A:  We get IVR and video emails (Bombbomb), auto dialer, text through CRM, integrated Real Estate Forms, eSignature (all in one pdf unlike Dot loop)  


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kvCore Keys to Success How-To Videos:  Maximum One Franchises through our parent corporation M.O.R.E. Corp provides kvCore Lead Generating Website & marketing Platform FREE to ALL Maximum One associates. Please watch these videos courtesy of Alan & Ming Richardson to get you started!

Click to Watch These Videos on Keys to Success with kvCore:

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