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At Maximum One Realty, you have the option of getting paid your commission directly by the closing attorney at the Closing Table! All we need is a completely filled-out Disbursement Authorization “DA” Request Form & a complete & compliant file. Then you may go right from closing to the bank! Please watch this video by Dawn Southern, Director of Compliance for Maximum One Greater Atlanta, on how to properly complete the DA Request form. (

GAR & RE Forms Contract forms may be found in rDocs in FMLS and Transaction Desk in GAMLS.

Contact your Compliance Broker with any Questions:

MX1 Greater Atlanta Compliance Brokers:
* Dawn Southern – – MXGR
* Kim Murray – – MXGA

As a Buyer’s Agent are you putting on “0” days for Due Diligence? Does the Buyer understand what this means? Watch the video for more information!

Not getting showings on your listing? Watch the video for some strategies to increase activity!

If you are sending a referral for real estate services in Georgia what must you do to stay in compliance with License Law? Watch the video to find out!

What should you list a property for to get the most exposure? Watch the video to find out!

When a Buyer or Seller wants to work with you & tells you they have “fired” their previous agent/Broker, are you allowed to work with them? Watch the video to find out what License Law says!

If a Broker is going to disburse Earnest Money to a Seller on a terminated contract, can the Broker require the Seller’s W9 ? Watch the video to find out!

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