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When a Buyer and Seller go under contract to sell a property, who is responsible for turning on the utilities? How long must they stay on? When may a Buyer enter the property? Who else may enter the property? When must repairs be completed? Watch the video to find out these answers!



What fees does a Seller owe the Listing Broker for terminating a Listing Agreement early? Where is this information explained in the Listing Agreement? Is there a difference between a Mutual Termination and a Unilateral Termination? What about compensation for the agent’s time and services? Are there differences between the Georgia Association of REALTORS (GAR) and RE Forms contracts? Watch the video for all of these answers!

All about the Binding Agreement Date! This is the date from which all contract contingencies are timed so it is extremely important. Watch the video to learn:
* What the Binding Agreement Date (BAD) is
* How it is determined
* Who completes it on the contract
* What a contract time limit has to do with BAD
* What if the date completed on the contract is wrong
* What is the BAD in a Back-Up Contract
* and More!

As a real estate agent in Georgia – or anywhere for that matter – you must be aware of the Federal & State Fair Housing Laws. Additionally, there are additional mandates to which you must adhere that are placed on you by the NAR Code of Ethics if you are a Realtor and by the contract forms that you sign. As an agent, there are some specific procedures you may adopt to protect yourself from unintentionally violating any Fair Housing Laws. Watch the video for more information & some of these tips!


Although there are many contracts available for real estate purchase & sale in Georgia, there are two primary contract packages that real estate agents have easy access to initiate an offer: GAR Forms & RE Forms. Last week’s contract tip was on the “Back-Up Contingency Exhibit” from the GAR Contract Forms, this video is on the “Back-Up Contingency Exhibit” from the RE Forms Contract package. Please watch BOTH videos for a complete understanding of how this Contingency works regardless of the specific form.


As a real estate agent, it is most likely in the Buyer & Seller’s best interest to have a Binding Back-Up Contract in place. Watch this video for a full explanation of the Back-Up Contingency Exhibit in the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) contract forms – F91. Next Video: Back-Up Contingency Exhibit – RE Forms. Most Recent Video on Notice:

What email address are you using as a Real Estate Agent in your Contract and when conducting business with respect to a contract? Why is it important in Georgia? What do you need to do if the one you use on a regular basis is different from the one on the contract? Watch the video to find out! Please see: Sending Notice – What You Need to Know as an Agent –

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