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Agent on Duty (AOD)

Agent on Duty (AOD)

  • The Agent on Duty has access to the web-leads that the company generates & sign calls that do NOT belong to a Maximum One agent (Our agent’s sign calls get transferred to the listing agent)
  • There is 0% referral fee paid on these leads
  • The agent on duty also answers the telephone for the time slot (the phones will be transferred to the phone in the branch where you will be)
  • Prior to Working AOD the FIRST Time
    • You must sign the AOD Agent Covenant
    • You must shadow another agent on AOD
  • Greater Atlanta AOD Manager: Heidi Kelly –  770-919-8825 ext. 306
  • AOD Instructions – for Agents are available in the “Reference” section of Paperless Pipeline under “Misc. Forms”

Greater Atlanta Agents:
See MX1 Greater Atlanta AOD Calendar & Register for AOD Shift Here

Comments on: "Agent on Duty (AOD)" (2)

  1. This is the BEST program ever! I can’t believe how many free leads I am getting!! Thanks Maximum One!!

  2. AOD is a great program if worked properly! It has been very fruitful for me over the nearly 4 years that I have participated. The key is to be ready with your own laptop next to office computer. This will provide efficiency on your shift. John Kanalas

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