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In Case of MOOD Emergency… or How to Stay Positive During Times of Stress. What can you do as a real estate agent to break the bad mood cycle of negativity. How stress manifests. How this affects your real estate business. Strategies for you to alleviate stress & fear & depression. How to re-purpose your stress to enjoy the “Gift of Time.” What skills can you learn to enhance your real estate career. Why it’s important to “PRAY,” “PLAY” & “APPRECIATE!” Comment below on what strategies YOU use to get yourself out of a bad mood, alleviate stress & keep yourself positive!


7 1/2 financing tips to get your real estate contracts closed right now! These tips also address how to protect the Earnest Money. The lending industry is changing DAILY right now! Minimum credit score requirements are increasing, sources of funding are decreasing, Buyers are getting laid-off or decreased hours, and more! SO what do you do to get these Buyers CLOSED on a real estate contract right now? How do you protect a Buyer’s Earnest Money with respect to a Financing Contingency & real estate contract right now? Watch the video for these tips! Comment below on any ADDITIONAL Financing Tips to help with real estate contracts during this time!

PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR OWN BROKER REGARDING HOW TO PROCEED WITH LISTING & SHOWING PROPERTIES DURING THIS TIME. Showing protocol for real estate in Georgia during this time of the Pandemic – April 2020. 😷 What should Listing Agents do right now? Showing agents? What documents should I have my clients sign? Watch the video for suggestions! Thank you to Amee Davis of Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC (ADavis@DavisLawGA,com) for drafting the Maximum One Realty Showing Protocol and Buyer’s Brokerage Addendum – available for Maximum One agents in the “Reference Section” of Paperless Pipeline. Thank you to Shawn Horan of Don DeFoor & Associates for putting the final touches on this document. . PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR OWN BROKER REGARDING HOW TO PROCEED WITH LISTING & SHOWING PROPERTIES DURING THIS TIME. Homeland Security CISA Guide to Essential Businesses: https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr… Georgia Executive Order 4/2/20: https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr…

What are real estate contract termination rights due to Pandemic? If a Buyer is outside of all his/her contractual contingencies and gets laid off due to this National Emergency, may he/she terminate a contract and get their Earnest Money back? What is “Force Majeure” & how does it apply to the return of Earnest Money? May an “i-Buyer” suddenly terminate a contract & have no penalty? What is the Georgia Association of REALTORS (GAR) Special Stipulation that was revealed on March 17, 2020? Please watch this video for all of this information & more!

Thank you to Closing Attorneys:

Andy Hartman – Andy@HartmanLawFirm.com
Amee Davis – ADavis@DavisLawGA.com
Doug Dean – DDean@Shafritz-Dean.com
Shawn Horan – Shawn@DonDeFoorLaw.com


Real Estate Closings & COVID-19. This video covers 5 things you need to know as a real estate agent in Georgia regarding Real Estate Closings & the Coronavirus.

1. Closing Attorneys Procedures During This Time * Who may attend closings * Power-of-Attorney * Mail-Out Closings * Potential Delays in Recording of Deeds
2. Agent Pay – Traditional from Broker vs. “Pay-at-Close” from Attorney
3. Delay in Closing * GAR Special Stipulation * Explanation of GAR Special Stipulation * Click here for the verbiage & in-depth explanation:
4. Earnest Money Remittance
* Remote Deposits *
Bank Shot – Smart Phone Banking
* Wire
5. People are Still Buying & Selling!!!

How to flex your real estate business amid the virus disruption. Also information about how to be Virtual at Maximum One Realty Companies. Maximum One Realty Branches are OPEN!! Also check out – Chris Hardin – Book Me Solid & Shantha Wetterhan – Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing. Check with your Lenders & Closing Attorneys for specific information about their offices.

This video is intended for Brokers & Managing Brokers who hold Earnest Money regarding tips and tricks for writing the “10 Day Letter.” When a contract terminates or fails to close and the parties do not agree in writing who gets the Earnest Money (i.e. they don’t sign the “Release” of a Termination & Release) then one of the options for the Holder of the Trust funds is to reasonably interpret the contract and disburse the funds based upon this interpretation. This is allowed for per Georgia License Law and the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) & RE Forms contracts. This video addresses tips to keep in mind when writing this notice to the parties of your intent, as Holder, to disburse those funds.

Thank you for watching! Browse the “videos” and “playlists.” Dana Sparks, Qualifying Broker, Maximum One Greater Atlanta, REALTORS

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