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Agent Mobile Site (thru VoicePad) – Tutorial

FREE Info on homes for sale as you drive around! Maximum One Greater Atlanta agents all have a FREE GPS-Enabled Mobile Website through VoicePad so people can get MLS information on homes for sale! Watch this brief tutorial to learn how to access it & get it on your cell phone & share with your clients, Customers & Prospects!

Agent Services Coordinator (Vivian Cade) – ASC@eAGENTweb.comVoicePad Information on Agent Mobile IDX Site

Expectations for the Federal Rate Hike – Jay Alexander of Homestar Financial Corp.

What we expect regarding today’s Fed Funds Rate increase and how it will impact the real estate and mortgage market moving forward. Contact Jay Alexander – Homestar Financial Corporation

6 Ways to prevent a Real Estate Transaction Disaster!

6 Ways to prevent a Real Estate Transaction Disaster!   How you as a Real Estate Agent may set and EXCEED expectations with your clients! Watch the video for 6 tips (& a Bonus Tip) on how to keep a Happy Transaction Happy through closing!
Please browse “Videos” or “Playlist” for so many more!   FYI… there are more videos on the YouTube Channel,

“Real Estate Made Crystal Clear” ahead of what is presented in this Newsletter.  

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