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AGENTS NEED TO ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR STATE & LOCAL LAWS & YOUR OWN BROKER REGARDING YOUR PRACTICE OF REAL ESTATE DURING THIS TIME. How to move your real estate business forward during these challenging times in Metro Atlanta Area. This video is a discussion between Dana Sparks of Maximum One Greater Atlanta REALTORS & Shantha Wetterhan of Competitive Brand – first aired 3/27/20 on the Real Estate Marketing Academy Facebook Group Page.…. Shantha Wetterhan, Founder of Competitive Edge Online Marketing & Branding ( for Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Marketing Group on Facebook – Some of the topics discussed include: * Are Buyers & Sellers still selling? (answer is YES!) * Real Estate going Virtual * Communication via video, phone, US Mail * iBuyers pulling out in this market leaving many Sellers without contracts * Opportunity for real estate agents in the Metro Atlanta area during this time * Extreme importance of Constant Communication * Key for agents is flexibility * Real Estate as an “Essential Business” as defined by Georgia Governor Kemp’s Executive Order 4/2/20 & the Homeland Security definition of Critical Infrastructure Workforce * Georgia Association of REALTORS (GAR) COVID-19 Special Stipulation – NOTE THAT GAR HAS REVISED THIS STIP FROM THE RECORDING OF THIS INTERVIEW * Buyer termination of contracts & disbursement of Earnest Money – per the contract & per the negotiations between the parties * Closing via a Notary * Recording of Deeds * How stress in the world manifests itself right now & how that impacts real estate transactions * New forms of cooperation among agents * Opportunities these times are creating for real estate agents! * Pray, Play & Appreciate to stay healthy physically, spiritually, emotionally & professionally!

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