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Real Estate Contract Termination Rights Due to Pandemic

What are real estate contract termination rights due to Pandemic? If a Buyer is outside of all his/her contractual contingencies and gets laid off due to this National Emergency, may he/she terminate a contract and get their Earnest Money back? What is “Force Majeure” & how does it apply to the return of Earnest Money? May an “i-Buyer” suddenly terminate a contract & have no penalty? What is the Georgia Association of REALTORS (GAR) Special Stipulation that was revealed on March 17, 2020? Please watch this video for all of this information & more!

Thank you to Closing Attorneys:

Andy Hartman – Andy@HartmanLawFirm.com
Amee Davis – ADavis@DavisLawGA.com
Doug Dean – DDean@Shafritz-Dean.com
Shawn Horan – Shawn@DonDeFoorLaw.com


Real Estate Closings & COVID-19: 5 Things You Need to Know!

Real Estate Closings & COVID-19. This video covers 5 things you need to know as a real estate agent in Georgia regarding Real Estate Closings & the Coronavirus.

1. Closing Attorneys Procedures During This Time * Who may attend closings * Power-of-Attorney * Mail-Out Closings * Potential Delays in Recording of Deeds
2. Agent Pay – Traditional from Broker vs. “Pay-at-Close” from Attorney
3. Delay in Closing * GAR Special Stipulation * Explanation of GAR Special Stipulation * Click here for the verbiage & in-depth explanation:
4. Earnest Money Remittance
* Remote Deposits *
Bank Shot – Smart Phone Banking
* Wire
5. People are Still Buying & Selling!!!

How to Flex Your Real Estate Business Amid the Coronavirus Disruption

How to flex your real estate business amid the virus disruption. Also information about how to be Virtual at Maximum One Realty Companies. Maximum One Realty Branches are OPEN!! Also check out – Chris Hardin – Book Me Solid & Shantha Wetterhan – Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing. Check with your Lenders & Closing Attorneys for specific information about their offices.

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