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Changes to VA Loan Exhibit – GAR June 2019

GAR Changed the VA Loan Exhibit (F410) in their Midyear Changes they made in June 2019. Watch the video to learn of this huge change to paragraph #14! Click to See Actual Verbiage: https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr…

Seller Remedies for a Buyer Default on a Purchase & Sale Contract

When a Buyer & Seller have a Binding contract & the Buyer doesn’t close and defaults on the contract, what recourse does the Seller have? May the Seller keep the Earnest Money? Sue for damages? Sue for expenses incurred? What if the Seller had spent thousands of dollars on repairs & the Buyer just bails – what may the Seller recover financially? Watch the video to find out!

May a Buyer Terminate if a Seller Doesn’t Complete Repairs?

If a Buyer & Seller negotiate for a Seller to make repairs on a house & the Seller doesn’t do them prior to closing, may the Buyer terminate the contract & get their Earnest Money back? What do the Georgia Courts say? How do you event anything like this from happening? Watch the video to find out! Video: Seller Doesn’t Do Repairs – May Buyer Terminate & Get Money Back? Article from GA Realtor Magazine Fall 2019:…}

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