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When Must a Lender Send a Loan Denial Letter?


If a Buyer terminates a contract based on not meeting the Financing Contingency, when must the Buyer send the “proof” or the loan denial letter in order to meet the terms of the Contingency Agreement & protect their Earnest Money? Is there a difference between the GAR forms & RE forms? Watch the video to find out!

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How to Complete a Termination & Release (T&R) Agreement


How does a real estate agent complete a “T&R?” What reason do you put? Who signs it? What do you put for the Earnest Money part? What if the Buyer terminates before sending the Earnest Money to the Holder? Do you need a T&R if the contract simply doesn’t close? Do you need one form or two? Watch the video for all the answers!

Do I Need an “Approved Lender” on the Loan Contingency Exhibit?


On the Georgia Association of Realtor (GAR) Financing Contingency Exhibits, there is a place to identify an “Approved Lender.” DO you need to fill it out? Should you? What are the ramifications for a Buyer? Seller? What about the Financing Contingency Exhibits on the RE Form contracts? Watch the video to find out!

Inspection Report: Does the Seller Want It & May a Seller Share It?

When a Buyer has an independent home inspection done & receives a report but doesn’t send it to the Seller – does the Seller have a right to it? Does a Seller want a copy of it? If a Seller does have a copy of an inspection report by a previous Buyer & a NEW Buyer wants a copy, may a Seller share it? Watch the video to find out!

How to Guarantee Success on Every Appointment

Watch this video for a quick & easy way to give yourself the advantage you need for success on every real estate appointment! Please comment below on what YOUR theme / entrance song is!

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