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Earnest Money Received From Another – Form? Who Needs to Know?


What if someone OTHER than the Buyer is contributing the Earnest Money for a real estate contract… is there a form to use? Does that information have to be part of the contract? Who needs to know that information? If a contract terminates, who gets that money back? Watch the video to find out!

All About the Escalation Clause

Watch this video to learn: * The 3 Elements of the “Escalation Clause, * The effective use for a Buyer in a multiple offer situation * Tips for a Seller when deciding to accept a contract with an Escalation Clause, * Contractual reminders * Tips for both Listing Agents & Selling Agents!

Seller Doesn’t Do Repairs – May a Buyer Terminate?

When a Buyer & Seller negotiate for the Seller to complete repairs prior to closing, what happens if the Seller doesn’t complete them or complete all of them? May the Buyer terminate the contract & get Earnest Money back? May the Buyer unilaterally extend the contract? May a Buyer force the Seller to do the repairs or at least pay for them? May the Buyer close & sue the Seller for the repairs not completed? Watch the video to find out!!! Repair Special Stipulations to Consider: https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr…

How to Find Special Stips & Add them To Your Contract

There are 12 pages of Special Stipulations in the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) contract package & 9 pages of Special Stipulations in the RE Forms contract package! Want to know how to find them? Want to know how to add them to your contract? Watch the video to find out!

Due Diligence vs. Right to Request Repairs

What is the difference between a Buyer making a contract subject to Due Diligence vs. subject to the Right to Request Repairs? If the Buyer goes under contract with a Due Diligence period can’t the Buyer ask for repairs? If a Buyer goes under contract with the Right to Request Repairs may they terminate with no penalty? What is the difference & what GAR forms do I use? Watch the video for answers to these questions & more!

What Happens to Earnest Money When a Contract doesn’t Close?

What happens to the Earnest Money when a contract doesn’t close? Does the Buyer get it? Does the Seller get it? Who decides? How quickly do they get the money? How are the Brokers or Closing Attorney involved? Watch the video to find out!

Service Recommendations to a Buyer

As a professional real estate agent, you should have a discussion with a Buyer about various services they should investigate throughout their home purchase. Use these forms when doing so:

* Maximum One Greater Atlanta REALTORS Service Recommendations: https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr…

* GAR Vendor List (Training Only): https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr… Please consult your Broker prior to using any forms.

How to Communicate in a Contract & Protect Your Client

The real estate contract defines the specifics of communication among the parties, brokers & agents. Are you “communicating” or sending “Notices” in the required method in order to protect your client? Watch the video to find out!

You Must Disclose Agency Relationships – But How Do You Know?

You MUST disclose the Agency relationship between the Broker & public person – why & how do you know the co-op Broker’s relationship? Watch the video to find out!

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