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RE Forms – Why You MUST Attach the “Standard Terms” to Your RE Forms Contract

When a Buyer & Seller are using the RE Forms contracts for their Real Estate transaction, it is IMPERATIVE that you print the “Standard Terms,” reference them & attach as an Exhibit. Watch the video to find out why!

RE 100 – Contract for Purchase & Sale of Residential Real Property

RE 1 – Standard Terms for the Purchase & Sale of Georgia Real Property

These forms are available to agents for FREE on FMLS rDocs & GAMLS Transaction Desk under the Forms sections.

Thank you for watching! Dana Sparks, Qualifying Broker, Maximum One Greater Atlanta, REALTORS

What Fees Must a Seller Pay for a Buyer’s VA Loan?


What Costs Must a Seller Pay for a Buyer’s VA-Insured Loan? Can the parties write a Special Stipulation changing the Seller-Required Fees? Does a Seller still have to pay these if the Seller is paying part of the Buyer’s Closing Costs? Watch the video to find out!

GAR F65 – VA Loan Contingency Exhibit – paragraph #14

RE Form 201 – VA Loan Exhibit – “Seller Obligations” paragraph #2

Thank you to Linda Kennedy NMLS#209067 of American Eagle Mortgage – for this document “VA Allowable Fees” – https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr…

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May an Agent Legally Pay Another Directly for Showing Property?

A person is required to have a Real Estate License to show property. Since this is the cases & there are license laws about who can pay an agent for real estate related activities, may one agent pay another agent directly for showing property or is this a violation of License Law? Watch the video to find out!

***Maximum One Corporate Policy:  Regarding License Law §OCGA 43-40-25b (8) Maximum One gives affiliated licensees express written permission to pay another licensee directly for showing property or watching their business while agent is out of town or otherwise unable to cover their own business. 

Never Forget a Birthday Again

Want an easy way to always remember your clients’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, real estate anniversaries & more? Watch this video!

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