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Commission Rebate – How to Write It Up

As a real estate agent, there are times you may want to rebate part of your commission to one of the parties in the transaction. Can you do it? How do you write it up? Watch the video to find out!

How to Respond to a Client’s Question

How do you respond when your client or the co-operating agent’s client asks you a question regarding the property? Do you send an email with the answer? DON’T DO IT THAT WAY!!! Watch the video to find out how to answer as a real estate agent!

“In Lieu of Repairs” – How to Write That Up


So the Buyer wants the Seller to negotiate financially rather than addressing repair or cosmetic items… how do you write that up in a real estate contract? Watch the video to find out! Pay attention on what Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) form to NOT use! Please subscribe for more contract tips!

Part 2 : Sale or Lease Contingency – Seller’s Persepctive


When a Buyer lives in a house that must be leased or sold in order to buy their new home, how do you address this contingency in a contract? How do you protect the Seller? What if the Seller gets a better offer? What contract forms do you complete & how do you complete them? What are all the complexities of accepting this contingency? Watch the Video to find out!

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