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Having Both Sides of a Deal Without Being Dual Agency – How Do You Complete the Contract?


As a real estate agent, can you have both sides of a deal and NOT be engaged in Dual Agency? What forms do you need to complete & how do you fill out the contract? Watch the Video to find out!

Seller Client Contract Documents:
GAR F1 – Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement
GAR F2 – Non-Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement
RE Forms 151 – Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement
RE Forms 162 – Non-Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement

Buyer Client Contract Documents:
GAR F4 – Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement
GAR F5 – Non-Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement
RE Forms 150 -Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement
RE Forms 161 – Non Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement

Seller Customer Contract Documents:
GAR F3 – Authorization to Show Unlisted Property
RE Forms 158 – Authorization to Show Property Not Listed

Buyer Customer Contract Documents:
GAR F6 – Agreement to Work with Buyer as Customer
RE 159 – Acknowledgment of Customer


RE Contract Forms: How May Parties Extend Contract with Lender Delay?

If the parties are binding on the RE Forms contract and the Lender has not yet sent out the “3 Day Disclosures” to the Buyer which prevents the closing by Federal Regulation, what is the recourse? Do they have the same right to Unilaterally extend the contract for 8 days like in the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) contract? Watch the video to find out!

All About the 8 Day Unilateral Extension:


How to Find Forms in FMLS & GAMLS

Want to know how to find a contract form (GAR &/or RE Form &/or a Brokerage-Specific Form) on FMLS or GAMLS? Watch this video to find out how to easily search for the exact form you are looking for when you don’t know the name or number of the form.

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