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What You Need to Know About Recommending Vendors

As a real estate agent, your Buyer & Seller is going to need various vendors throughout the transaction. Watch this video to find out what you need to know before making these recommendations and HOW to make these recommendations in order to protect your license!

Making the Due Diligence Period Contingent Upon an Issue Being Addressed By the Seller & More


If a Buyer & Seller agree to a Due Diligence / Buyer’s Right to Terminate option in a contract for real property in Georgia, what do you do if the Buyer must wait on the Seller to do something? In other words, how do you word it if the Seller must turn on the utilities for example? Watch the video to find out! Short Sale Special Stipulation – “All time frames in contract and Exhibits begin upon Binding Agreement Date and extend to the specified number of days per provision after Buyer’s receipt of written approval of short sale from Seller’s lien holder(s.)”

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