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Time Limits & Counter Offers

All about time limits & counter offers! If a party makes a counter offer, is the original time limit in effect? Watch the video to find out!

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May a Seller Terminate a Contract if Lender / Co-Op Agent Says Buyer Won’t Qualify?

If the Seller / Listing Agent receives information from a Buyer’s lender or from the Selling agent that there is an issue with the Buyer’s loan or that this lender will not loan a mortgage to the Buyer, may the Seller terminate the Contract they have to sell the house to this Buyer? Watch the video to find out!

Why Must You Complete ALL Info in Financing Contingency Form

Why MUST a real estate agent complete ALL the information in a Financing Contingency Exhibit… watch the video to find out!

Commission Agreements Between Brokers


How do you as an agent get paid? What contract have you signed that insures that payment? What contract is signed for a Listing Broker to get paid? What contract is signed for a Selling Broker to get paid? What about a co-op commission offered in the MLS service? What if a property is not in an MLS service? How does a Closing Attorney know how much to pay each Broker? Watch the video to answer all of these questions & understand how to complete the Commission Acknowledgement Forms!

Who Is Responsible for Utilities When a Property goes Under Contract?


When a Buyer and Seller go under contract to sell a property, who is responsible for turning on the utilities? How long must they stay on? When may a Buyer enter the property? Who else may enter the property? When must repairs be completed? Watch the video to find out these answers!


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