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Seller Fees Due Upon Early Termination


What fees does a Seller owe the Listing Broker for terminating a Listing Agreement early? Where is this information explained in the Listing Agreement? Is there a difference between a Mutual Termination and a Unilateral Termination? What about compensation for the agent’s time and services? Are there differences between the Georgia Association of REALTORS (GAR) and RE Forms contracts? Watch the video for all of these answers!

All About the Binding Agreement Date

All about the Binding Agreement Date! This is the date from which all contract contingencies are timed so it is extremely important. Watch the video to learn:
* What the Binding Agreement Date (BAD) is
* How it is determined
* Who completes it on the contract
* What a contract time limit has to do with BAD
* What if the date completed on the contract is wrong
* What is the BAD in a Back-Up Contract
* and More!

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