Maximize Your Real Estate Career with Us!

What is the NEWEST form of Cyber Fraud in the real estate industry? Watch the video to find out! If you are a real estate agent, you need to warn your clients and customers of the potential for Cyber Fraud. In addition to this NEW strategy, the issue of Wire Fraud has been well documented the past couple of years.

Many Brokers have Cyber Fraud Warning Disclosures and GREC has added a Cyber Fraud Awareness clause in the 2018 Forms. Now there is another sneaky way the bad guys are getting your clients’ money – watch the video to find out what it is! Thank you, Cindy Corona for bringing this to my attention.

Maximum One Wire Fraud Disclosure required by Maximum One to be signed by every Maximum One Client & Customer.  This form does not have to be part of the contract, but DOES have to be signed.

Thank you to Andy Hartman of Hartman Law Firm for drafting this Disclosure & Hold Harmless statement for us!  This form may also be found in the Reference Section of Paperless Pipeline.

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