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10 Tips for Successful Videos in Real Estate

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10 Tips for Successful Videos in Real Estate

  1.       Be engaging and informative right off the hop.

And of course, be yourself! Showcase your true personality in your videos. It helps with the filtration process and qualifies your leads in advance. Now you are only attracting people who feel like they already know you, like you, and trust you, simply because they’ve seen how you act on camera.

  1.    Ask Yes or No questions.

Some of the examples Jesse uses include – “Are you looking for a three bedroom bungalow?” “Are you wanting to be in a neighborhood that is exciting, close to schools” “Are you done with paying rent?” by asking questions, you are giving the viewer the opportunity to want to keep watching!

  1.   Say your name in the first five seconds.

Build your personal brand as quickly as possible. Maybe this home per say isn’t the home for them, or maybe they aren’t ready to start looking, but they will be one day! Help them remember who you are, and the type of marketing you are capable of creating to give them the best opportunity to sell their home.

  1.   Welcome them into the home.

You’ve told them about the home itself, and a little bit about the features they are about to see, give them a full experience as though they are there in person by welcoming them into the home itself.

  1.   Give them something that Google can’t tell them.

Jesse recommends trying to understand the emotional connection of the home and how it could appeal to a potential buyer. Sell a lifestyle, paint a picture, and connect with your audience throughout this process. Examples include – “look at this backyard – It’s perfect for summer barbecues,” or “this basement has so much potential, think movie theater, man cave, game room, what have you!”

 6  Allow your videographer to continue to showcase and have movement.

Jesse is often asked the question – should I be in my listing videos, how often should I appear in them when I create the video? The answer is always yes – you should remain in your listing video. As far as how often, Jesse recommends appearing in your videos at the beginning, and end, but in between, allow your videographer to do a walk around of the space to showcase the home and show movement!

  1.   Get back in front of the camera.

After having your videographer showcase the home, it’s important that you end your video with you back in front of the camera. Highlight everything that the viewers were just shown, and then ask a few questions. Jesses recommends “Is this home for you? Would you like to see this home in person?”

  1.   Have a clear call-to-action.

Followup those questions with a clear call-to-action. “If so, then give us a call!” Point to the bottom of your screen. Have your editor add your contact number immediately at the bottom of the video. It’s also important to make sure your contact information is in the body of the post that you create to share the video – whether that’s on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your website – make sure your contact information is always visible and easy to access!

  1.   Ask your sphere to share your listing video.

This is another great addition to your video script and the text of your post itself. Maybe this isn’t the right home for one person, but it might be the perfect home for another. Ask your fans if they know someone who they think would be interested in this home and if they could share the video with them. Jesse explains how not only will your listing video be available to a new audience, but also, your brand will be shown to a new audience.

  1.   Don’t forget about the neighborhood.

Jesse’s last tip is crucial – don’t forget about the neighborhood! Jesse reminds us that if it’s the perfect home, in the wrong neighborhood, the client is not going to buy it. It’s better to explain the neighborhood and it’s amenities right up front – for example; schools, breweries, parks, restaurants, airport, etc. Showcase the local businesses whenever you can, because they will appreciate your support as well.

Bonus Tip.  Don’t Use Copyrighted Music

There are many royalty-free music sites on line & even You-Tube has non-copyrighted music you may use.  Make sure to still attribute the source of the music in your Video.

Broker Tip.   Must Stay in Compliance with GREC

All advertising must be done in the name of the Broker & under the direct supervision of the Broker.  Consult the License Law for specific information!

….and the finished product? Check it out below!

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