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Why Are you Sending a Copy of the Buyer’s Earnest Money Check When You submit an Offer?

First Why are you sending a copy of the Buyer’s earnest money check when you write an offer for real estate? Why are Listing Agents asking for it? What is really important for the Buyer & Seller? Watch the Video & Find out!

Dave Kubat: 1st in a Series – ReCap of Tome Ferry Summit 2017

Dave Kubat - Photo for Video - 8-17 with Play Buttom

First in a Series of Videos – Dave’s Recap of the Tom Ferry Summit – 2017.  Please watch the video for Dave’s 1st in an ongoing series of ideas from the 2017 Tom Ferry Summit !

How to Send Notice in a Real Estate Contract


What is the correct way to send Notice in a real estate contract? Most agents simply email each other regarding a specific situation or information that needs to be conveyed but contractually speaking, the parties need to use the “Notice/Notification” forms in the contract packages and they need to be signed by the parties – not just emails exchanged between agents! 

Don’t Want to Be Fines $11,000 as an Agent? Use This Exhibit & Make Sure It’s Complete!


Don’t want to be fined $11,000 as a real estate agent?? Use this exhibit and make sure it’s completed to protect yourself and you Broker!

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