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Purchasing a Property with a Tenant: What to Consider in the Contract

When you are working with a Buyer who chooses to make an offer on a property and there is a tenant in the property, what are the various issues to address in a real estate contract? Watch the video & find out! Thank you for watching!

How to Effectively Present a Real Estate Offer to a Client

How should you effectively present a real estate offer or counter offer to a client for great customer service? Are there any drawbacks to e-sign? Watch the video for some ideas on how to communicate with your clients to enhance customer service and get referral business!

2017 GAR Contract – Revision May 1, 2017 – PAYMENT of Community Association Fees & Disclosures – Who Pays What???

The Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) revised the Community Association Exhibit (GAR Contract Forms F123) beginning with the title: “PAYMENT of Community Association Fees & Disclosures Exhibit.” This form now outlines who pays what, what the various fees are, WHEN they must be disclosed to a Buyer, and the financial recourse to the Seller for NOT disclosing these fees or any increases thereof. Watch the video for more information! Thank you! Dana Sparks, Qualifying Broker, Maximum One Greater Atlanta Realtors

2017 GAR Contract – Revision May 1, 2017 – A “Cash” Buyer Using a Mortgage to Buy a House???

The 2017 Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Purchase & Sale Agreement has a provision that either party may extend the contract unilaterally (i.e. without the other party’s agreement) for various specific reasons.  One of those reasons includes if a mortgage lender cannot fulfill his/her duties “even in an ALL CASH transaction.” What does that even mean?!?!  Watch the video to find out what that means and what exhibits the parties should negotiate for clarification.

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