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When is the 8 Day Unilateral Extension Really 11 Days?

The Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Real Estate Contract allows for either party to unilaterally extend the closing for 8 days. When is this 8 day unilateral extension really 11 days??? Watch the video to find out! By the way… the RE Forms contract does NOT include any provision for a unilateral extension of contract.

A Lender Asks You to Remove the Earnest Money From a Contract- What Should You Do?

A lender asks you to remove the Earnest Money from a contract… what should you do? Lenders must source the earnest money & if it is cash or too difficult to source, the lender will ask you to write an Amendment removing the earnest money from the contract. What should you do? What are the risks for the Seller? Watch the video to find out!

When Will a Buyer Get Their Earnest Money Back When Terminating Under Due Diligence?

When a Buyer terminates a contract within the Due Diligence Period, they will get their Earnest Money back but WHEN??? The answer depends upon a few issues… watch the video to learn what those are!

FREE VoicePad Lead Generating Service for Maximum One Agents – Dave Kubat’s Video Tutorial

If you are a Maximum One agent, you get the entire VoicePad system for FREE!!!  This is a call capture system that will generate leads for you!  It also includes your FREE Agent Mobile Website & GPS-guided Home Search App that you can share with your clients & prospects to also capture their business.  Watch Dave’s video tutorial to learn how to use this system to help more people & make more money!

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