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GAR Loan Exhibit – Can a Seller Terminate if No Commitment Letter?

After the Buyer’s Financing Contingency has passed, in the Georgia Association of Realtor (GAR) contracts, the Seller has the right to request “Evidence of Buyer’s Ability to Close.” If the Buyer does not provide this evidence, can the Seller terminate the contract? Watch the video to find out!


The Effective Use of E-Sign in Your Real Estate Contracts

E-sign is very convenient and potentially horrible for agent customer service with your clients. Watch the video for specifically WHY this is harmful for your clients and how to effectively use E-sign.

Due Diligence: What If the Seller Doesn’t Respond to Buyer’s Amendment in Time?

What if a Buyer has proposed an Amendment to the Seller to address some concerns with the property… you are running towards the end of your Due Diligence / Buyer’s Right to Terminate time frame and you have not yet heard back from the Seller… what do you do???? Watch the Video to find out!!!
For more information on what you need to now about the Due Diligence Period, Watch this video too: Due Diligence / Buyer’s Right to Terminate: What You Need to Know as an Agent

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