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Mega Open House

This is a GREAT tool to help you stand out from the competition and have the neighbors notice you.  When we list homes or do Farming, it is imperative to DO what everyone else doesn’t do and NOT do what everyone else does.   This is a perfect example of such.  In the Listing Presentation, you will be the only one talking about this!   Among other things we help you stand out with (attend the “Ultimate Listing System” CE Class when you can!)   In the community, neighbors will definitely notice you if you do all of the crazy things we teach on in ULS and add an event like this.


  1. Stand out from Competition
  2. Meet NEW people to add to your Have Met Database, which yields 2 transactions for every 12 people in that database as long as you work the database PROPERLY. (Attend “Lead Generation in Today’s Market” CE Class when you can!)
  3. Have FUN at work while you make money! Both number 1 and 2 are items that make you money.  Listing Houses AND adding to your database.

How you do it:

  1. Set date.
  2. Get names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of Sellers friends and family that the Seller would like to invite to the party. You will be working these names to add to database.
  3. Send out invitations, do flyer and postcard blitz throughout the neighborhood AND on Social Media. Remember the purpose of this party is multi fold; you want to stand out AND you want to meet new people.
  4. Work the invitation list to get as many attendees as possible
  5. Decide on menu or hire Food Truck or ice cream truck. Get vendors and lenders to help pay for this.  YES this is an investment.  Find the money to do this AND do it right.
  6. On event day, have plenty of signs directing to the event and make sure to meet as many people as possible. Remember we want to add to our Have-Met database, not just throw a party.  Work the crowd, hug necks and kiss babies.  Consider doing some kind of sign in guestbook (that you can mail to Seller after you copy it) and also a drawing of some sorts to get people to register for the drawing.  This will be a cross check system to make sure you have harvested all of the Have Mets that night.
  7. Be the life of the party, do the drawing and then follow up.
  8. Do 8×8 and then 33 touch.  Come to LGTM CE class to find out OR read “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller to find out more.

How to Use Video to Increase Your Real Estate Business

How to Use Video to Increase Your Real Estate Business

You will easily increase your website views (& opportunity to have more clients) by adding video on the home page (& other pages.)  You will also improve your SEO in search engines.  Also, if the public contacts you after watching your videos, they already like you & WANT to do business with you!

Outsource your video projects:

Example of effective use of videos on real estate agent website:

Watch this video for some tools and examples on how to add videos to your marketing so that you can increase your real estate business.

Thank you to our coaching with Tom Ferry:

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