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   How Your Email Address Could Affect Your Business How Your Email Address Could Affect Your Real Estate Business – by Dana Sparks

What is the email address that you use for your real estate business?  Have you ever considered what it implies to the public about your business?  Does the email address you use for business portray anything about real estate?  Are you still using a personal email address for convenience sake?  Is your email address easy to remember or is it easy to read?

Professional Email Address:  Does your email address portray your company or your profession?  Consider using a professional email address for your real estate business rather than your personal email address that you created or that one of the free email services created for you.  A Buyer and Seller will perceive you as more professional and will be willing to hire you more easily if your email address is:

rather than  Either use an email address that includes your real estate company’s name or an email that broadcasts something about real estate.    To get a Free Maximum One email address, simply complete this MX1 Email Request Form & send to our Agent Services Coordinator, Vivian Green,  The company email addresses currently available are:

Create Your Own Business Email Address:  It’s easy to create a clever and informative and professional email address.  Create and purchase a domain name and then use the email address available with most domain providers.  For example, through GoDaddy, you may typically purchase a domain name for $10/year.  You can get really clever with your domain name and not only use the associated email address, but you may create a website using this domain name or point this domain towards any other website you create.  The domain name should have something implying that you are in real estate: or

Is Your Email Address Easy to Read?  If your email address includes underscores (_) when they are included with a hyperlink, many people will miss that underscore & you are most likely missing out on several emails – could you have had more listings or buyers but they weren’t able to email you because they didn’t realize there was an underscore in your address?  Additionally, if your email address includes letters and numbers which are difficult to differentiate, you could be missing out on business.  Have you had a hard time yourself determining between the letter o from the number 0 or the small letter L (l) from the number one (1) in someone’s email address?

Accessibility to Your Email Addresses: If you maintain your personal email address for friends and family, you can easily add your professional email address to your smart phone, tablet and computer – it is easy to add several email addresses to those devices.  You may also access several email addresses through one portal such as Outlook and Gmail.

Final Thoughts:  Contractually, remember that whichever email address you use on the signature page of your contracts is the one that constitutes legal notice to your clients regarding a contract.  You can easily change which email address auto-populates on your contracts through your “preferences” section on FMLS Forms Pro and Transaction Desk in GAMLS.  Remember too that “Realtor” is a copyrighted terms that agents may only use if they

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