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Be More Productive at MX1 Lessons from Daylight Saving Time for Real Estate – by Dana Sparks

“Spring Forward & Fall Back!” Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am on Sunday, March 8, 2015. The time changes at 2am because that is believed to be the least disruptive time for the majority of people. Hawaii and most of Arizona do not observe Daylight Saving Time. The proper phrase includes “Saving” NOT savingS. When we move our clocks ahead one hour, we will lose an hour that will not be regained until we “fall back” to standard time on November 1, 2015.

The ONE thing that everyone has in common is time… we all have 24 hours each day. So why is it that some agents seem to be more productive in those 24 hours and some agents seem to “lose an hour” EVERY day… not just this weekend when we change our clocks. There are many lessons we can learn from Daylight Saving Time that we can apply to our real estate sales business to be more productive.

There are some days that you absolutely do not have enough time to complete all the tasks needed for your ongoing transactions and others when finally feel like you have a bit of time to yourself. You ask yourself, how do these more productive agents seem to get it done? Then you find yourself on the famed “real estate roller coaster.” This occurs when you have no closings and spend all of your time prospecting for new business, the you get all of these listing and buyers, then you service all this new business and get many under contract; they all close and all of a sudden, you are out of business again!

There are a few tips to add some consistency to your business and more hours to your day! These tips revolve around:

  • routine
  • priority
  • organization.


Get in the habit of following the same routine every workday and you will instantly be more productive. Especially if you can get a handle on your morning, when you should generate new business, you will definitely experience having more time throughout your business.Your morning routine begins with the night before! Do a little something for yourself (engage in a hobby, spend time with family/friends, knit, write in a journal.) When you first get in to bed, think about what you accomplished today and the things that went right, think about what you want to achieve tomorrow; then get a good night’s sleep! When you wake up in the morning, eat a good breakfast and get to work at the same time every day. Do NOT check your emails or phone messages before you begin your lead generation. You need to be positive and focused when talking to new people who need your real estate services rather than worrying about the fire you have to put out this afternoon or the stress you’re dreading facing when dealing with a difficult co-op agent. After you spend anywhere from 1 – 3 hours generating new business, THEN you begin dealing with your ongoing business transactions. Start every day at “zero” and remember that your job is to generate new business every day… PERIOD!


As a real estate sales professional, there are many things that must be accomplished per client, per transaction, per day; the trick is to prioritize these tasks, the challenge is how to prioritize when it ALL has to be done! As previously mentioned, the most important thing you do every day is generate new business! There would be nothing else to do if you did not have any new customers, would there? To prove this fact to yourself, take your average commission and divide it by the number of hours you average prospecting for new business. This calculation will yield amazing results and you will soon discover that you are one of the highest paid professionals when you look at how much you make per hour! All of the other tasks required to go from lead to closing are of course necessary but could probably be done by someone else (if you would be willing to pay them!) Your highest priorities remain: 1) having conversations with new people to get them as clients = prospecting; 2) presenting your services to those new people = listing & buying presentations; 3) getting the deal done = negotiating offers to get to contract. Everything else can wait or be delegated! I guarantee you that when you continually have more clients who want you as their agent, it’s a lot easier to fire or refer the ones that cause you the most stress and take up the most amount of your valuable time!


The more organized and systematic you can make your business, the more your day will flow with effortless ease! If you use checklists and routines and schedules and calendars for every part of your business, you will enjoy much more free time throughout your day! Every time you prospect expireds, use the same scripts and objection handlers, use specific tried and true email letters to respond to the internet inquiries on your website, check your voicemail at the same times every day, have a checklist for every listing & showing appointment you attend, etc. Spend some time organizing HOW you do your business, stick to those processes and you will find more hours in the day. Even the most experienced professional pilots follow a pre-flight checklist every single time they get in to an airplane.

You got into this business to have “freedom,” so it’s about time that you took a proactive approach to getting it!

By following the three steps above, you will put yourself in a position to stop working all hours of the evening and every weekend and truly enjoy your career for all that you envisioned it to be! You will soon be one of those enviable professionals whom people look at and scratch their heads asking, “How on Earth do they get so much work done in a day and still have time for themselves?!?

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