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Lessons From the Red Carpet for Real Estate Sales

Lessons from the Red Carpet Lessons From the Red Carpet for Real Estate Sales – by Dana Sparks

 So what lessons can you learn from the entertainment award shows for your real estate business? Your real estate training should be replete with the many valuable lessons about the inner game of real estate! Ninety percent of your success in real estate sales begins with your mindset, hence the “inner game.” So what does this have to do with “the red carpet?!?!” … EVERYTHING!

Have you watched any of these shows… the Golden Globes, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, the Oscars, People’s Choice Awards, Emmys, Tonys? Have you picked up a People magazine lately or seen any of the magazine covers at the checkout line in the grocery? Watched Entertainment Tonight, TV Guide Channel, E! Entertainment? What is the buzz all about? It’s about the red carpet itself! Not about the work for which these actors and actresses are being nominated, it’s about the impression they make being seen on the red carpet itself! Perhaps you will be more familiar with the real estate lingo: it’s about their “curb appeal!”

The first impression you make is vital to your success in your real estate sales business. That first impression should be polished, professional and pleasant. You do not have to wear a designer outfit, nor borrow jewels from Bulgari, nor be chauffeured to your appointments in a limousine but you certainly better carry yourself as if that is whom you are!

You will never even have the opportunity to help a Seller or Buyer move forward with their real estate needs if you do not dazzle them from the start! People are desperately seeking leadership and confidence and competence. Take the initiative and be that principal for your prospects and you will turn them into clients and get paid for the value you bring.

That first impression has more to do with your insides rather than your appearance! Your energy precedes you with everyone you meet regardless of the words you speak or the look on your face. It is the inner game of real estate where the deal is done! Don’t believe me? Think back to the last time you interacted with an animal, perhaps a dog or a horse, and that animal KNEW if you were friendly or scared or annoyed, right? Can’t you tell if that stranger in front of you or behind you in line is in a bad mood or not? Did you not catch that infectious laughter of a baby who does not even yet know how to speak?

You are in the productivity business so when you prepare for your next listing appointment or buyer appointment, consider the amount of time which you take on preparing your mindset, energy and attitude; is it as much as or more than the amount of time and preparation you spend on your CMA? Your real estate coach or mentor can work with you so that you convince yourself of the following in order to be of service to your prospect:

  • Your value in offering service to their real estate needs
  • Your confidence in getting the job done
  • Your inner belief that you truly ARE the best agent for the job
  • Your ability and willingness to listen to their issues and goals
  • Your persuasion skills to guide them where they need to go
  • Your leadership ability to show them the opportunity in this real estate market
  • Your competence in meeting their real estate needs
  • Your guidance in explaining their local real estate market in relation to their financial outcome regardless if that result is positive or negative
  • Your positive attitude in creating clarity out of their confusion about the market

These mental performance skills are vital to your success in your career in real estate.

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  1. Ramona Carter said:

    So relevant and So true!! Thank you !!

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