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Win YOUR Superbowl at Maximum One RealtyThe Super Bowl: 4 Quarters of Real Estate Coaching – by Dana Sparks

Super Bowl XLVIII will be played tonight, 2/1/15 between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.  You, the real estate agent, have the opportunity to create the Super Bowl experience for yourself everyday! These magical elements (minus “deflategate”) of the Super Bowl are within your grasp and can greatly enhance your productivity business!

Challenge – Everyday as an agent, you get to challenge yourself and grow!   There are many challenges within our profession: finding people who want to sell or buy their property, converting  these leads into clients by demonstrating your value in terms of the skills and market knowledge you possess.    Then you have the challenge of reading and interpreting the real estate market so as to properly price a listing to sell and educate a buyer as to why THIS is the absolute best time to buy as this opportunity will not stay around for long! The myriad list of challenges exists within your chosen career.   When you really challenge yourself as these football players do, unbelievable results are available to you (like the Super Bowl’s first ever 100 yard interception return for a touchdown that just occurred by a Pittsburgh Steeler!)   With each one of these challenges you face and overcome, your confidence grows and your skills get honed giving you the opportunity to face more challenges head on, help more people and earn more money!

Excitement– The Super Bowl is arguably one of the most exciting football games played annually – the attention to the players and all the entertainers that long to be involved, the ticket prices to attend!   There are  many levels of excitement that you and your clients experience in the realm of real estate sales.   It is exciting to go on that listing appointment and walk out with a signed agreement!   It is exciting when you get many showings right away; it is exciting when you receive that first offer on that listing; it is even MORE exciting when you counter back that lowball offer with the list price and the buyer accepts!   It is also thrilling when you work with a buyer who is so appreciative of your professional skill in finding their exact dream home at a price and for terms and in a location that supersedes their wildest dreams!   It is exciting knowing that YOU have just influenced their childrens’ lives;  due to  your skill in securing them that home, their children will attend a specific school, make certain friends, and perhaps meet the “childhood sweetheart” they  will eventually marry!   Now if THAT does not give you chill-bumps…

Competition, Winning & Losing – The competition is the thing!   The growth occurs in the journey.   We all learn lessons (on every level) from winning as well as from losing.   (I will admit that winning is more fun!)   Being in action is when the productivity success occurs.   When you ask aficionados to recall their favorite Super Bowl, they will regale you with tales of specific PLAYS throughout the game, regardless if their favorite team won or lost!   You compete with other agents for clients and market-share, with the media to keep your clients ahead of the perceptions the media creates and get them the best deals possible; and you compete with yourself everyday you decide to go find people who need your real estate services.   If you do not find them, someone else will and sellers and buyers out there need and deserve YOUR skills and services.   Going through the competition is how you get to make your contribution, how you get advance, how you get to earn commissions, how you get to demonstrate your value!

Media Attention – The real estate business is replete with the media attention you create:   internet media, print media, social networking media, telephone media!   How are you at conversational selling?   The media tells stories to make a point.   Do you use scripts that “tell” or do you use stories that “sell?”   When talking to a  seller or buyer do you lead with questions, with persuasive questions?    You constantly present yourself within all sources of media and types of communication.   Your jobis to  attract leads and clients and you earn a living through the words you use to turn those leads and clients into commission checks.   When was the last time you  invested in learning and honing your communication skills?

Endorsement Contracts – In sports, professional athletes earn potentially millions of dollars from their endorsement contracts.   This residual income does not rely on their sweat and effort on the field, this money comes to them!   Your real estate career lends itself doubly to endorsement contract with every transaction you close!   (Please read the post: How to Immediately Double Your Business.)   Your past client (and the other party of the deal – buyer or seller) IS the endorsement deal you seek! Put the appropriate business system in place to consistently,  effectively and valuably  stay in touch  with education  about the opportunity in the real estate market  and  you too will earn a substantial amount of money from your own endorsement contracts!

The Super Bowl, the ultimate contest between the best of the best,  occurs only once a year for two  professional football teams.   You have the unbelievable opportunity to participate in your own Super Bowl every day you choose to work!  Your real estate sales business embodies the same elements, strategies, emotions,  performance excellence as the Super Bowl just in a different arena (pun intended!) Enjoy your real estate profession, relish the challenge and competition, savor the excitement, delight in the media attention, cash those checks from your endorsement contracts… really go after your game and who knows… you may end up going to Disney World!

Go Falcons!!!! …. Well maybe NEXT Year!!

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