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200248233-001Hanukkah and Your Real Estate Business – by Dana Sparks 

Tuesday December 16th is the first night of Hanukkah this year.  Hanukkah is the 8 day Festival of Lights which celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and the fact that the one-day supply of oil to light the menorah miraculously lasted for 8 days!  At the heart of the festival is the nightly ritual of lighting the menorah one candle each night for eight nights until all 8 candles are lit and giving gifts or gelt (Yiddish for money) of celebration.  The Center candle, the Shamash = “helper” or “servant” is used to light the other candles and is considered the “extra light.”  During this Festival of Hanukkah, consider that as a real estate agent YOU are the Shamash shedding light to your clients and co-ops and giving them the gifts of fulfilling their real estate needs!
1st Night: Be the light for your Buyers

  • Search the Expired & Withdrawn Listings to find them what they are looking for
  • Search BOTH FMLS & GAMLS
  • Do an Estimated Cash-to-Close
  • Do a thorough CMA when coming up with an offer

2nd Night: Be the light for your Sellers

  • Do a thorough CMA
  • Help them understand the importance of pricing the house properly
  • Remind them to get all the HOA information upfront
  • Keep updated photos in the listing service
  • Reverse prospect in FMLS & GAMLS to find Buyers
  • Contact the past Buyer’s agents & Listing agents in their neighborhood & let them know about the listing

3rd Night: Be the light for your Co-op Agents

  • Send them Thank-You Notes
  • Follow-up all your emails with a phone call
  • Call 2-3 times each week throughout a transaction
  • Give them updates regarding your side of the deal before they have to ask
  • Call their Broker and tell them what a great transaction you are having
  • Invite them to free CE Classes at Maximum One
  • Share contact information about great lenders and closing attorneys
  • Share information about various unique loan products you discover
  • Share some great Special Stipulations you have learned of that help in unique situations

4th Night: Be the light for your Past Clients

  • Send them Holiday cards when others don’t (New Years, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July)
  • Send them an Anniversary card on the anniversary of their purchase
  • Send the Buyers of Your Listing photos of their new home
  • Make new return address labels for your past Buyers & Sellers – send new ones each year
  • Send them a copy of their HUD in January for their tax preparation
  • Remind them twice each year to change the batteries in their smoke detectors
  • Send them an offer of an updated CMA to see if perhaps they want to sell
  • Send them a free hour of a Handyman’s services for their maintenance issues
  • Send them a free hour of Landscaping

5th Night: Be the light for your Lenders

  • Help them get the information they need from Buyers ASAP
  • Send them a copy of the Earnest Money check Deposit slip from Paperless Pipeline
  • Send them a list of your past clients who may be in a position to re-finance
  • Give them email addresses of your Veteran clients to keep them updated about VA loans
  • Put your lenders’ contact information on your marketing materials
  • Find out what unique products your lenders offer and share that information with other agents
  • Send them Thank you notes after every closing

6th Night: Be the light for your Closing Attorneys

  • Send them a copy of the contract AND Commission instructions when you go Under Contract
  • Send them a copy of the Earnest Money Deposit receipt from Paperless Pipeline
  • Send them Buyer & Seller contact information before they request it
  • Send the Pre-Closer a thank you note
  • Send the Attorney a note about how awesome their staff was in getting the transaction closed
  • Bring candy / fruit / veggies to the closing for the Attorney & staff
  • Send them current mailing addresses for all your past clients in case they want to help them with Quit Claim deeds or other related legal services

7th Night: Be the light for your Teachers & Mentors

  • Thank your teachers for assisting you
  • Offer suggestions for other topics of Education
  • Send your coaches or mentors a Thank you note
  • Let the Brokers know how helpful other agents in the office have been
  • Let the staff at your office (who help educate you about Brokerage systems) how much you appreciate them
  • Send GREC a note about how awesome a particular class or instructor has been
  • Tell other agents about a great class or coach or mentor you have

8th Night: Be the light for Yourself

  • Remember what a valuable service you provide to the public
  • Give yourself a break – as an entrepreneur it’s often more difficult starting & maintaining a thriving business
  • Take some time off
  • Get an assistant to help with the administrative side of your business
  • Try some new lead sources for additional business
  • Only work with clients who add joy and light to your life and business (with more clients, you do not have to work with clients who make your job difficult)
  • Learn the systems and procedures at your Brokerage for smooth closings
  • Think of how awesome it is to be your own boss
  • Remember that your income is unlimited!
  • Remember that you ARE the light for so many others & appreciate the blessing you bestow to others!

Happy Hanukkah!!!

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