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Safety First

 Safety First

The Georgia Real Estate Commission in conjunction with the Georgia Association of Realtors have published a booklet: Safety Awareness for the Real Estate Professional


Maximum One Realty is working with the Smyrna Police Department to schedule a session on lessons in safety.  This session will be held at the Galleria Branch of Maximum One.  Please consult the online Training Calendar & this newsletter for the actual date and time as soon as this important interactive class / workshop is scheduled.


Click on the link above or go to the  GREC website to download this pamphlet.  The topics included are as follows:


Know Who You Are Dealing With

* Meet in the Office

* Verify his or her identity

* Get the car make and license number

* Photocopy the driver’s license

* Company use of the Client I.D. Form


Personal Marketing

* Limit the amount of personal information you provide

* Giving too much of the wrong information can make you a target

* Be careful of the personal information you share verbally as well

* Avoid glamour shots

* Dress for safety

* Dress for the weather

* Internet / Website Advertising

* Advertising


Danger is Not Always Easy to Identify

* Don’t ignore the danger signals

* Intuition

* Unexplained fear

* Apprehension

* These are signals that something isn’t right

* Know the property

* Plan your escape route

* Position yourself in escape mode

* Car safety


Open House / On-Site Safety

* Arrive early to an open house

* Communication


Commercial / Industrial Sales & Property Management

* Communication plays a vital role in showing vacant property

* Ensure cell phone service

* Be aware of time of day

* Screen all prospective clients before showing property

* Have policies regarding rental collection & disposition of a property


Office Safety

* Personal Identification Form

* Agent Identification Form

* Agent Itinerary Form

* Procedures for Agents


Sample Forms

* Agent Identification Form

* Prospect Identification Form

* Agent Itinerary Form


Fight or Flight

Additional Resources


Rest in peace, Beverly Carter.

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