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Effective Headlines to Make Money in Real Estate at Maximum One

Powerful Headlines to Make You Money – by Dana Sparks


When you market your listings, be sure to use powerful headlines & titles to catch the Buyer’s (& Co-Op Agent’s) attention!  People want to know more than the “bricks & sticks” information…. number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, price.  Buying and selling homes is emotional so use some emotionally-charged words in your flyers and descriptions.

If you want the reader of your real estate home advertisement to actually read it, you need to elicit that desired response from their reading of your headline. Though I don’t think it’s the end-all of answers, a tool I’ve found useful is located at the Advanced Marketing Institute website. Check it out to assess the Emotional Value of Headline Text Tool  You type in the headline you’re thinking of using, and the site gives it a score for how effective it is in using words with Intellectual, Spiritual and Empathetic impact on readers.

The score is a percentage representing what they call the EMV, or Emotional Marketing Value of the text. According to the site, good professional copywriters use headlines that consistently score between 30% and 40%, with the most gifted scoring between 50% and 75%. I can tell you that it’s very hard to hit that level in our business. However, you can definitely keep most of your headlines between 25% and 35%.

Additionally, here are some ideas to help you:


YIKES! I just sold your neighbor’s home at: _____(address)_____ in 5 days with multiple offers, and we still have buyers!

There is a High Demand for properties in the _________ community.  If you have any thoughts of selling please call us.  We had over 6 offers on this property and I have the inside scoop on 5 other buyers who are dead set on owning a home in this neighborhood.

Please consider:

  • Prices in ________ are rising and interest rates are still low.
  • Save money and time by using us to sell and purchase your next home.
  • Need time to decide where you’re going to move? No problem- We can negotiate a comfortable time frame, and we can put a plan together to help you find your next home!

Call ____________ and let’s talk about it. or visit us online at: ____________
Headlines for Listing Flyers:


  • Tucked Away
  • Accent on Views
  • Sell Your Lawnmower
  • Go Jump in a Lake
  • The Sounds of Silence
  • Urban Cowboy
  • Gone Fishing

Price & Value

  • One for the Money
  • Big Home, Little Budget
  • The Price is Right
  • The Price is Startling
  • A Price to Brag About
  • More for Your Money
  • Econo-miser
  • Thrifty Thinking
  • Dollars and Sense
  • Do a Little & Save a Lot
  • Try to Beat It
  • Terms of Endearment

Charm & Beauty

  • Hey, Look Me Over
  • One of a Kind
  • Ageless Beauty
  • Antique-Lover’s Delight
  • Put a Smile on Your Face
  • A Touch of Class
  • Quality from the Past
  • Once in a Lifetime
  • Looks Like a Million


  • Tennis Anyone?
  • Stop Stairing
  • No Steps
  • Tender Loving Care
  • Change Your Life
  • Buy a Lifestyle
  • No Hassles
  • Pampered
  • Refreshed and Rejuvenated
  • Brand New Smile


  • Bring Your Tape Measure
  • Small Wonder
  • Growing Pains
  • Soooooo Big
  • Room to Romp
  • Petite Retreat


  • Solid as a Rock
  • Look No Further
  • Honey, Stop the Car
  • Paint Brush Special
  • The Right Stuff
  • Born Yesterday
  • Sweet as Honey
  • Walk Right In
  • How Fast Can You Move
  • Privacy Plus

Key Words to Use in Headlines

  • Announcing – “Now Announcing…”
  • Secrets Of – “See it Now & Discover the Secrets of Peace”
  • Now – “The Time to Buy is Now.”
  • Amazing – “See it Now for an Amazing Floorplan”
  • Facts Your Should Know – “Fact You Should Know About This Home”
  • Amazing – “This Amazing Home has ….”
  • At Last – “At Lat – The Home You Deserve”
  • Discover – “Discover the Secrets of a Happy Life in Your New Home”
  • Yes – “Yes, At Last Your Search is Over”
  • Bargain – “Looking for a Bargain?  Look No Further”
  • Do You – “Do You Want to Buy a Bargain?”
  • Love – :”Looking for Quality? You’ll Love this Home”
  • How Much – “How Much Would You Like to Lower Your Mortgage Payment?”
  • Only – “Only You Can Decide to Change Your Life”
  • You – “You Must Act Now”


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