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Back To School: Lesson Plans for Real Estate – by Dana Sparks
  Back to School- Leson Plans for RE at Maximum One Realty  

It’s that time of year…. Back to School!  All the kids and all the retailers are geared up for this special event.  Kids pick out a new bookbag, new lunch box, school clothes, notebooks, pens, highlighters, etc.  School teachers decorate their classrooms, create their lesson plans, hope they get good kids in their classes, school bus drivers run practice routes, school principals anticipate great teachers, great students, great parents and great test scores!

Who will be in my class this year?  What will I score on my SATs?  Will I be nominated for Teacher of the Year?  I wonder where my locker will be?  What colleges will accept me?  Will I graduate as Valedictorian?  What will I do after school?  What do I wear the first day of school?  This time of year is charged with anticipation, hope and promise!  As a real estate agent, harness these same emotions and level of planning to finish out your year strongly!

Plan the rest of your year

  • Get a calendar and go through it and marks off all your days off for the rest of the year (vacations, holidays, school breaks, etc.)
  • Decide how many transactions you are going to do between now and the end of the year
  • Determine the number of contacts you need each week to get a Listing or Buyer
  • Determine how many listings and buyers you need to get a closing
  • All of the above are covered in Business Planning Courses

Refresh your lead sources

  • Take stock of your lead sources: Mail, Email, Internet, Text, Phone
  • Determine which lead sources are effective & utilize those more & stop using the methods that are not generating any business for you
  • Check your online presence – personal lead-generating agent website, make sure your photo & contact information is correct on the Maximum One websites, make sure your twitter & facebook & instagram profiles are correct
  • Try a new lead generation technique – VisualTour marketing, VoicePad Mobile Agent Website

Renew your contact with your database

  • Clean up your database – delete incorrect contacts, make sure you have correct phone numbers and email addresses
  • Send your past clients a hand-written note
  • Ask your acquaintances if they would like a market analysis
  • Ask your database to “Like” your Facebook Business Page

Anticipate the hope and promise of your chosen career

  • Write down all the reasons you chose real estate as a professions vs. any other field
  • Remember how excited you were when you first got your license, signed your first listing, had your first closing
  • Focus on all the people who need your assistance
  • Challenge yourself to learn a new aspect of your career
  • Remember the flexibility over your schedule, choice of clients, niche market, area of town in which to work, amount of income you wish to make
  • What would your life look like if you weren’t practicing real estate?

Attend new classes to increase your knowledge

  • Maximum One offers 21+ hours of CE credit EVERY month (in August we offer 48 hours of CE classes!)
  • Check out the classes offered by the various Boards of Realtors
  • There are tons of webinars, workshops and seminars available as well.
  • Read real estate blogs written by your peers (check out Active Rain)
  • Attend the Sales Meetings for a wealth of information from your Affiliated Lenders, Closing Attorneys and peers!

As we see advertisements and articles for “Back to School” think of yourself as going “back to School” and re-invest yourself in your chosen field of endeavor!

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