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    How To Videos: Paperless Pipeline & Blue Sheet – by Dana Sparks

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At Maximum One, we have systems and procedures for you to access remotely to turn in your contracts in order to get paid!  Rather than physically turning in your contracts and related paperwork into the office, you simply upload those documents into PAPERLESS PIPELINE – our online transaction management system.  This system is easy to use and keeps copies of ALL the documents, copies of emails, notes, earnest money deposits and other related information for the transaction in one place!


Also, with every transaction / referral / lease fee / any fee due to you as an agent, you will need to complete a BLUE SHEET & upload this Blue Sheet into Paperless Pipeline.  This Blue Sheet are the instructions to our Transactions staff as to how to pay you.  These staff members do not have access to your contract in Paperless Pipeline, they are ONLY going from the information you provide on this form.  Please fill out this form completely – even if you have closed with the same closing attorney or done a deal with the same co-op agent.  Also, enter your client’s information in the “Notes” section and they will receive coupons appropriate to their move from MovingWolf – a part of our WolfConnect / Extranet system. These coupons are branded with your contact information and extend approximately 28 days prior to closing and a couple of weeks after they close.

You must enter your contract into Paperless Pipeline within 72 hours of receiving signatures to avoid a late paperwork fine.  You must upload the Blue Sheet with your contract / signed referral agreement / signed lease / etc.  If the finances or parties of your transaction change, simply make those changes on your Blue Sheet & upload a revised Blue Sheet into the transaction in Paperless Pipeline.

Please watch the following two videos to learn how to access and use Paperless Pipeline (thank you to Dawn Luttrell) & how to complete a Blue Sheet (thank you to Mark Willix!)

How to Access & Use Paperless Pipeline  


How to Complete a Blue Sheet:

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