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Ask for the Business: Powerful Closes
Ask for the Business

In order to turn a prospect or a lead into a client, you must get them to say “YES!” You need to close for an appointment when you have them on the phone and you need to close for a signature when you are on the appointment. Not sure what to say? Check out these closes… surely one of them will fit your needs, don’t you agree?

  • If you could get what you wanted for the home now, and then move to another home that fits your needs, would you consider moving now?
  • If i could show you that i could get you top dollar for your property and that you would feel comfortable working with me, would you consider listing your home with me tonight?
  • I hope I am the last agent you are interviewing so we can get your home on the market today. Let’s get it going and get it sold for you!
  • If you felt absolutely confident that you could sell it now, would you sell your house?
  • Here’s the problem and I don’t care, even if you don’t list with me, if you are going to get this home sold in today’s market, it is critically important that you do look at different marketing approaches so you don’t get burned again (if it is an expired) because you don’t want to put the home back on the market and not have it sell again. Let me ask you this, do you know the difference between passive and aggressive marketing? OK Good! when would be the best time to show you… tonight at 6 or would tomorrow at 3 be better?
  • Fortunately, to get you one step closer to (wherever they are moving to) all we need to do now is simply set an appointment so I can help you get what you want in the time you want! Won’t that be great?
  • Now that you’ve seen these prices, I’m going to recommend a price of $________. Will you list your home with me for that price tonight?
  • I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t get an appointment with you. I have learned over the years that chances are you will end up with a mediocre agent and you don’t deserve that. May i drop by at 5 tonight or would 6 be better?
  • When I come over, I am going to tell you exactly why your home didn’t sell and that way when you decide to list again, you won’t make the same mistake. Let’s set a time so I may show you how I get homes sold… would 6 or 6:30 work better for you?
  • Why do you think a lot of people sell a lot of houses and others don’t? _____ That’s exactly why we should get together so I can show you what I do to sell homes… that is what you want isn’t it?
  • If I could get your home sold in the next 30 days, would that be a problem for you? Great! All I need is 15 minutes to show you how I get homes sold… may i come by at 6 or does 6:30 work better for you?
  • Before you tie yourself up in a multi month contract for thousands of dollars, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to get just one more opinion? I can come by at 6 or would 6:30 be better?
  • (Going to re-list with same agent) What is that agent going to do differently this time that they haven’t already done? Don’t you think they would have done everything they could to get your home sold the first time they had it on the market?

More Scripts for Powerful Closes (Courtesy of the Mike Ferry Organization

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