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Drip Campaign for Sellers

Drip Campaign for Sellers – by Dana Sparks 

In today’s market with the relative shortage of inventory, you should be soliciting Sellers!  You will have more frequent closings and provide a valuable service to the Buyers seeking a new home!  One method to get more listings is to implement a “Drip Campaign” for those potential sellers!  A Drip campaign is an automated process which nurtures leads to a sales-ready state. Don’t know what to “drip?”  Consider using the Drip Campaign already created for you in the new Extranet / WolfConnect!

Letter 1: Thinking of Selling?

Letter 2: Don’t Make Home Improvement Mistakes

Letter 3: Sold!

Letter 4: Attracting Buyers to Your Home

Letter 5: Avoiding Seller’s Mistakes

Letter 6: Attracting Offers to Your Home

Letter 7: Which Months Bring the Highest Prices?

All of these email letters end with a “Call to Action” designed to create a listing appointment for you which leads to a listing and then to a closing!

Go to and click on “Extranet.”  Log in and then go to “Leads/Contacts” and then to “Drip Campaigns” then “Campaigns”and launch the campaign “Thinking of Selling.”  You may customize the letters, add additional letters, alter the already-scheduled time frames for emailing the letters. Click here for the Drip Marketing Manual in the new Extranet.

Letter 1: Thinking of Selling Your Home

This is just a short note to introduce myself to you. I have made a commitment to provide the very best of service to the residents of your neighborhood in all their real estate needs.

I welcome the opportunity to explain my personal service policy and illustrate a model marketing plan which I have developed for your area. Even if you are just curious about market values in your neighborhood, do not hesitate to call.

Let me provide your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers with the finest real estate information and services available. Referrals are the lifeblood of my business! Before they buy or sell, have them call me for a free consultation.

Letter 2: Don’t Make Home Improvement Mistakes

Are you investing too much into home improvements? You bet you are if your projects “over-improve” your house for your neighborhood.

As your personal real estate professional, I can tell you exactly when a remodeling project is an “improvement” and when it doesn’t pay. I see the bottom line at resale. (Especially when a huge equity loan drains dollars from my clients’ net proceeds needlessly!).

The FIRST secret to evaluating whether a remodel pays is a comparable analysis of the property in relation to the houses nearby. Will the cost (and aggravation) of the project be returned at resale? After all, an investment that returns 90% is still a loss of 10%.

The SECOND secret is to see if there is an easier way to achieve the same goal. Sometimes getting the features you want is less costly and easier if you sell and move into an entirely new house.

Letter 3: Sold!

Imagine if you will…

…Watching the “sold” sign go up on your front yard knowing you’ve found a buyer happy to pay top dollar for a home like yours.

…Leaving your worries behind as you drive off to move into your dream house in a new area that has everything you’ve always wanted.

…Having friends over to see your new house and confessing your monthly payment isn’t much different than the old place but with a lot more space.

But first you have to get your current home sold at the right price. In fact, pricing your home correctly is the key to selling it quickly in today’s market. The truth is many properties never sell, and the listings “expire” without attracting a buyer, because they’re priced beyond the market. I’ve studied those expired listings and have learned from experience, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Letter 4: Attracting Buyers to Your Home

The worst thing that can happen when selling a home is watching it sit on the market, week after week, month after month, with no one making a purchase offer. Buyers may look at the home but they simply don’t come through with a contract. For sellers, every extra month on the market is another wasted mortgage payment they could be making toward a new house.

Why does this happen? Most often, it’s because the sellers have priced the home above the market. Reducing the price is usually necessary.

There are other ways to bring buyers to the contract table. They’re called “incentives,” and you can use them to ensure the fast sale of your home by plugging them into your marketing plan at the outset.

My experience will ensure that you sell your home quickly at the right price. Please give me a call for a FREE consultation.

Letter 5: Avoiding Seller’s Mistakes

You may have noticed a home in your neighborhood that’s been on the market for what seems like forever.

“What’s the problem?” you wonder. “Is this what lies in store for me when the time comes to sell my home? Is there anything I can do to prevent this same fate from befalling me?” you ask.

The answer is YES! There are almost always some very specific, very preventable reasons why a home just won’t sell. In some cases, it’s because potential buyers can’t come to an acceptable agreement with the sellers. The trick is knowing how to close a deal that meets everyone’s needs and goes to settlement.

Give me a call today and I’ll be happy to fill you in on the common mistakes some sellers make when negotiating the sale of their homes. Then you will be in the best position possible to plan a selling strategy that has the “For Sale” sign out of your yard in record time!

Letter 6: Attracting Offers to Your Home

What is the secret today’s savvy sellers have learned that’s helping them sell fast for top dollar? They’re cleaning up in today’s market, then rolling over their equity into a better home without changing their monthly payment significantly.

Does this sound too good to be true? Nope. I see it every day. But those sellers know the secret to selling fast in today’s market. Not price. Not condition. Not location. But a critical secret only industry insiders know from experience: Buyer incentives.

Interested? If you’d like me to show you how I would market your home to get the highest possible price in today’s market, give me a call. I’d be happy to help you sort through all the buyer incentives to find those that will attract buyers like a magnet to your property.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Letter 7: Which Months Bring the Highest Prices?

Want to know which months bring the highest prices when you sell and which ones you should do your best to avoid buying in? No question is too small. Are you looking to move within 1-3 months? 3-6 months? or 6+ months? The questions you ask and answer will help me serve you better. Customer/client satisfaction is my #1 goal!

Before you move, do not forget to empty your gas tanks from lawn mowers or gas grills. And, clean all your outdoor equipment. Toss out everything from the garage that you don’t really need and/or will not be moving…get a head-start.  Contact me today!

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