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Real Estate Lessons from the Sochi Olympics – by Dana Sparks

As the Sochi Olympics come to a close, we reflect on the many lessons emanating from the international athletic competition. From the spectacular Opening Ceremonies through the triumphs of winning Gold Medals through the stories of individuals proudly representing their country, to the athletes rescuing stray dogs, to the heartbreak of USA Hockey Teams through the extinguishing of the Olympic flame – passion, competition, challenge and triumph abound.

There are many lessons we may apply to real estate including:

  • Plans & Goals
  • Commitment, Dedication & Discipline
  • Patience & Practice
  • Energy, Passion & Enthusiasm
  • Community & Team
  • Excellence in Performance

Plans & Goals:  For all of the Olympic athletes, they had a goal to become an Olympic athlete and a specific plan on how to achieve that goal.  To be a successful agent, you must have a specific annual goal (and 5 year and 10 year goal) as well as a detailed business plan describing how you are going to reach that goal.

Commitment, Dedication & Discipline: The Olympic Games occur every four years. If you want to be an Olympic Athlete, there are many interim competitions in which you must perform and win to achieve your 4 year goal.  How would you compare your level of commitment, dedication and discipline to YOUR chosen “sport” of real estate?  Are you singularly focused on winning the game of real estate?  Tenacity, resilience and dedication are as vital to business as they are to sport.

Patience & Practice:  As long as you are continually moving in the right direction, then you are moving forward.  The Sochi athletes did not one day pick up a sport, decide they want to compete in the Olympics and then get chosen to represent their county in this International venue the following week!  Having patience and continually practicing your craft will serve you well.  In addition, make sure you know the tools of your craft in order to perform at the ultimate level (i.e. the contracts, the inventory, the financing options, etc.)

Energy, Passion & Enthusiasm:  Undoubtedly, Olympic athletes are passionate about being an athlete.  Would your level of conviction towards selling real estate match that of Gracie Gold for skating or Shaun White for snow boarding?  Be excited to help others with their real estate needs (and make a good living by doing so!)  Approach your career with the type of energy and commitment and be such an ambassador that retailers will be seeking you out for endorsement deals!

Community & Team: Whether you are an independent agent or on a Team, ALL agents are part of a team.  All agents have a broker, an affiliated lender, closing attorney, inspector, colleagues, branch manager, etc.  You should never feel alone in your endeavors.  At Maximum One, you have various “communities” within which to network and work… your branch, your company, your Board, etc..  Additionally, by being a real estate agent, you are part of a community.  If you perceive your colleagues in other brokerages as part of the larger community within which you work, you may approach your transactions a bit differently.  During the Opening Ceremonies, all the athletes walked in with their country and all of the athletes from all countries together considered one class – Winter Olympics 2014!

Excellence in Performance:  In the end, it all comes down to one ultimate goal – excellence in performance.  With all the business planning, goal setting, role playing, marketing and strategizing, you still have to perform when it counts! It takes work, focus under pressure and never settling.  Be competitive, celebrate your successes and continue to improve!  When you are meeting a new client for the first time (& throughout your professional interaction with them) you are performing!  Do you present yourself like you are performing at the Olympics? Appropriate attire, proper spelling and grammar in written communication, have answers to their questions or know where to get the answers?  Think of yourself as an elite performer in your chosen field!

Olympic athletes demonstrate excellence to which to aspire.  Put a few of their disciplines into practice to give yourself and your business a good chance of delivering an Olympic gold medal winning performance.  If you need another dose of Olympic excitement, the Summer Olympics will be here in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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