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How to Immediately Double Your Business

How to Immediately Double Your Business – by Dana Sparks
Want an easy way to immediately double your business AND be of service at the same time?   This is the perfect time of year to contact your  Buyers and Sellers from last year with two key pieces of information they will need for 2013: 1) reminder for Buyers to file for their homestead exemption from property  taxes; 2) copy of HUD-1 Settlement Statement for Buyers and Sellers for their income tax preparation.   Many times when people move, they put their  important documents  in a “very safe place” and we all know what happens then, right!?   So a copy of the closing documents will be received as a welcomed service from you.

So how, you ask, does this double my business?   I am so glad you asked!   Consider there are two sides to every real estate transaction: the Seller side and the Buyer side.  Typically, you represent only one side of this transaction yet both parties need the settlement statement from their closing.   Therefore, send these documents to BOTH parties of every transaction in which you were engaged and you can “adopt” the other party and hence double your business – two for one!   Stay in touch with and provide information to both parties of the transaction throughout the year and watch your real estate business grow by leaps and bounds!

Don’t know what to say in  the included  letter?   Here are some ideas:

  • Thank them for their business
  • Inform them you are including the HUD-1 Settlement Statement for their tax preparation
  • Remind Buyers to notify their county and apply for their homestead exemption from their property taxes
  • Remind Buyers they may also be eligible for school tax exemptions
  • Provide the phone number and email address of their resident county
  • Provide the deadline date for the county for these tax exemptions
  • Ask them for referral business
  • Inform them you will be contacting them regularly to inform them of the opportunities available in real estate
  • Ask them to assist you with the goal you have set for this year “to help ___ number of families with their real estate needs”

Seem like a lot of work?   It does not have to be!   Automate your job by implementing effective business systems for the most effective use of your time.

This year, with EVERY closing you have, make three additional copies of the closing paperwork (one copy is for you to keep in your records, one for the Buyer and one for the Seller.)   Print a letter  (for Buyers,  for Sellers,  and for people who bought and sold using your services) dated “January 2014.”   When closing out your file, put this letter, a copy of the Settlement Statement, and your business card in an envelope addressed with their new address.    File these envelopes in a folder  labeled “HUD & Homestead Letters for January 2014.”   Next January, stamp these envelopes and watch your business grow again!

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  1. jill fields said:

    thanks so much for a great idea. Do you have a place to go for the for real estate letters?

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