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The Night Before Christmas at Maximum One – by Dana Sparks


Twas the night before Christmas

And through Maximum One

Not an agent was working

The deals had been done!


The checks had been cut

By Genna with care

Direct Deposit, DA

In your mailbox it’s there!


Each Branch was festive

Even for Hanukkah!

Thanks to Sarah Beth, Dawn, Alicia,

Melissa, Vivian & Monica!


Donna sent bills

For the end of the year

And all were at peace

As we sent out good cheer!


Tina and David

Continue to give.

In North Fulton & Gwinnett

Through MX1 Executives!


Our closing attorneys

We also must thank

Amee Davis, Horan,

& Murphy & Shank!


Each one of you is great!

In fact you’re terrific!

And we cannot forget

To thank Justin Pacific!


Affiliated lenders

We also must thank

Chase, Starkey & Homestar

You get us to the bank!


Lenders & Lawyers

You bring us such unity

Thank you also to Movement

And to First Community!


If you’ve been omitted

Forgiveness I ask

Writing this poem

Has been quite the task!


The market was climbing

People needed our service

With your goals written down

There’s no need to be nervous!


Lead Generation

Every day is the trick

For a bountiful Christmas

Even without Good Saint Nick!


You have the power

You have the control!

You are in position

To reach your 2014 goal!


Dave Kubat, our leader,

With Ann by his side

Keeps us moving & shaking

On this inspired ride!


He’s off on a journey

To open a new office

And he yells on his way

To us all, “Merry Christmas!”


For your real estate business,

Be prosperous!  Have fun!

We are honored and blessed

You chose Maximum One!

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  1. annelle morgan said:

    GREAT JOB!!!

    Annelle Morgan Maximum One Realtors 678-232-7491

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