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Recipe for Success in Real Estate – by Dana Sparks 

While preparing for the Branch Thanksgiving luncheons at Maximum One, I have been scouring through cookbooks and recipes looking for the perfect dish to bring to each office.  While choosing a dish to prepare, it occurred to me how similar preparing a delicious dish from a recipe is to creating a successful real estate business.




Plans & Routines






Ongoing Education / Knowledge





Pinch of luck



Secret Ingredient: Accountability


Preheat your mindset.  Get fired up about your career, about helping people, about your abundant prosperity.  Set your goals for the year for the number of transactions you wish to close and the amount of money you wish to make.  Create a business plan to achieve your goals and schedule a daily routine in reference to your plan.

Mix together your means of prospecting with some determination and persistence.  Stir in some lead-generating websites, phone prospecting of Expired and Withdrawn listings, and some referral requests of past agents and sphere of influence.  Spice it up with innovation by finding new ways to have conversations with people about their real estate needs.  There are so many creative ways to reach out – YouTube, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Telephone, Pinterest, etc!

Apply some heat with motivation and continuing education.  Have as many conversations about real estate as you can.  Schedule as many appointments as you can. Attend as many listing and buying appointments as you can. Take as many listings as you can.  Negotiate as many contracts as you can. Go to many many closings.  Show your clients the leadership they crave.  Add the secret ingredient of accountability.  Find an accountability partner, let them know your goals and plans, ask them to ask you daily if you did your job.  Cook with some confidence and stay focused on your responsibilities every day!


Cool with steely discipline to do the same thing every day!  Top it off with patience, a pinch of luck and an ever present sense of humor.  Serve with a smile, professionalism, courtesy and customer service.

Find a way to have fun and enjoy your profession.  Your clients will rave about the dish you serve up and will want to “share your recipe” with everyone they know!  Stay in action every work day by repeatedly making this recipe!

So when looking for something fabulous to prepare this Thanksgiving, follow this recipe for success in real estate and I guarantee you’ll get rave reviews!

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