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Your Right To Be Rich


Your Right to Be Rich – Excerpt from The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, PhD, DD 

 “You have a fundamental right to be rich. You are here to lead the abundant life and be happy, radiant and free.  you should, therefore, have all of the money you need to lead a full, happy, and prosperous life.

You are here to grow, expand, and unfold spiritually, mentally, and materially.  You have the inalienable right to fully develop and express yourself in all your potentials.  An important aspect of that is the ability, should you choose, to surround yourself with beauty and luxury.

Why be satisfied with just enough to go around when you can enjoy the riches of your subconscious mind?  In this chapter, you  will learn to make friends with money.  Once you do, you will always have all you need and more.  Don’t let anyone make you feel doubtful or ashamed of your desire to be rich.  At its deepest level, it is a desire for a fuller, happier, more wonderful life.  It is cosmic urge.  It is not only good, but very good.

Step Up These 14 Ways To Riches:

  1. Be bold enough to claim that it is your right to be rich.  Your deeper mind will honor your claim.
  2. You don’t want just enough to go around.  You want all the money you need to do all the things you want to do, when you want to do them.  Get acquainted with the riches of your subconscious mind.
  3. When money is circulating freely in your life, you are economically healthy.  Look at money like the tide and you will always have plenty of it.  The ebb and flow of the tide is constant.  When the tide is out, you are absolutely sure that it will return.
  4. Knowing the laws of your subconscious mind, you will always be supplied regardless of what form money takes.
  5. One reason many people simply make ends meet and never have enough money is that they condemn money.  What you condemn takes wings and flies away.
  6. Do not make a god of money.  It is only a symbol.  Remember that the real riches are in your mind.  You are here to lead a balanced life – this includes acquiring all the money you need.
  7. Don’t make money your sole aim.  Claim wealth, happiness, peace, true expression, and love, and personally radiate love and goodwill to all.  Then your subconscious mind will give you compound interest in all those fields of expression.
  8. There is no virtue in poverty.  It is a disease of the  mind.  You should heal yourself of this mental conflict or malady at once.
  9. You are not here to live in a hovel, to dress in rags, or to go hungry.  You are here to lead a life more abundant.
  10. Never use the term “filthy lucre” or say “I despise money.”  You lose what you criticize.  Money in itself is neither good nor bad, but thinking of it in either light makes it so.
  11. Repeat frequently, “I like money.  I use it wisely, constructively, and judiciously.  I release it with joy, and it returns a thousandfold.”
  12. Money is not evil any more than copper, lead, tin, or iron that you may found in the ground are.  All evil is due to ignorance and misuse of the mind’s powers.
  13. To picture the end result in your mind causes your subconscious to respond and fulfill your mental picture.
  14. Stop trying to get something for nothing.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  You must give to receive.  If you give mental attention to your goals, ideals, and enterprises, your deeper mind will back you up.  The key to wealth is to apply the laws of the subconscious mind by impregnating it with the idea of wealth.”

8 Secret Tips for Gmail



8 Secret Tips for Gmail – by Dana Sparks


We all use gmail….. but do we all use it to its fullest extent?  Gmail is the most widely used email client today.  See below for some useful secrets to add to your productivity.

  1. Schedule Your Emails to be Sent Later
  2. Use Different Email Addresses in Gmail
  3. Automatically Correct Your Spelling Mistakes
  4. Preview Messages Without Opening Them
  5. Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive
  6. Automatically Move Attachments to Other Online Storage Services
  7. Get a Larger Compose Box for New Messages
  8. Create Your Own Gmail Background Theme

1. Schedule Your Emails to be Sent Later – You can compose an email and have it sent to the receiver at a specified time in the future.  Download the add-on Boomerang for Gmail ( ) for Chrome or Firefox.Click on the “Send Later” button at the top of your email to schedule delivery for up to 10 months in the future.

2.  Use Different Email Addresses in Gmail – You can send and receive emails from different accounts (not all have to be gmail) within your gmail account.  Go to settings and select “Accounts.”  Click “add another email address you own.”  Enter the details specific to that email address.  Then next time you compose a new email, simply click “from” and you will have a pull-down menu from which account to send you email.

3.  Automatically Correct Your Spelling Mistakes – Many internet browsers will underline words that are not spelled correctly, but when you install ezAutocorrect for gmail ( )  your errors will be automatically detected AND corrected.  This program catches common mistakes and those from typing too fast (like freind vs. friend.  You can add additional words to correct and teach the program to capitalize the first word after a period.

4.  Preview Messages without Opening Them – Would you like your gmail to look more like Outlook?  When you go to Google Labs and choose the Preview Pane option, you can scroll through your emails to get a sense of their content without actually opening the messages.  Go to “Settings” then “Labs” enable “Preview Pane” then select “Save Changes.”  Then in the top right corner of your inbox, click “toggle split pane mode” to show this preview.  The preview pane can show horizontally or vertically.

5.  Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive – When you are in Chrome, you can use the add-on “Gmail Attachments to Drive” ( ) to save them.  When you receive an important attachment (like a signed contract) you can easily save it to the cloud to access later from any computer.  Simply click on “Save to Drive” next to the attachment and you will save it to your online storage service without having to log in to Google Drive.

6. Automatically Move Attachments to Other Online Storage Services – When you use the add-on Kloudless ( ) you can automatically save attachments to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

7.  Get a Larger Compose Box for New Messages – Tired of the new compose box being located in the bottom right corner of your screen?  You can click the “pop-out button” and move the compose box to anywhere on the screen and resize it too!  You can also get this option by holding down the “shift” key while clicking on the “compose” button.

8.  Create Your Own Gmail Background Theme – Gmail offers a variety of themes to use or you can customize your own theme.  Click on the Settings button (looks like a gear in the upper right) choose “theme” select “custom theme.”   Choose either a light or dark background, then choose a photo from your computer, phone (with Google+ app)  or copy and paste the URL from an online picture.

How to Let a GPS Guide Your Way in Real Estate



How to Let a GPS Guide Your Way in Real Estate – by Dana Sparks



The technology behind the GPS has effected us all.  You turn on the GPS, program in your destination and hit “start.”  This little machine then guides your way from where you are now to where you want to go!  If you get off the path, it will “recalculate” your journey to get you back on track.

The GPS technology exists all around and is available to assist us all at any time.  You can have a GPS unit  in your car, your computer, on your phone or on your tablet.  You can program in a specific destinations, general points of interest, specific stops along the way such as a particular restaurant or general filling station.

Your Business Plan for 2014 is the global positioning satellite for your career!  You begin where you are currently, decide where you want to be at the end of December 2014, plan your route, then “recalculate” if you get off course!

Unlike a Garmin or Tom-Tom, you must do a little more of the calculations to plan out your journey for 2014.  The easiest way to begin your business plan is with a few basic calculations:


  • Income for 2013
  • Number of Transactions
  • Average Commission per transaction
  • Number of Listings Closed
  • Number of Buyers Closed
    • Sources of Sellers
    • Sources of Buyers
  • Target income for 2014

You simply plug in your numbers and your journey is set!  Just like travelling from point A to point B and keeping your GPS operating to guide your way, refer to your 2014 business plan often so that when you get off course, you may “recalculate” your way back towards your destination!


  • Income for 2013: $72,000
  • Number of Transactions: 20
  • Average Commission per Transaction: $3,600  (= ave. Sale Price of $120000)
  • Number of Listings Closed: 6
  • Number of Buyers Closed: 14
  • Target Income for 2014: $82,000

2014 Business Plan: (Several Options)

  • Increase your average sale price to $137,000 and do the same number of deals
  • Increase your number of transactions to 23 at the same average sale price
  • Target more Listings and fewer Buyers
  • Etc.

Once you break down your business to the basic numbers, then you have several options available to you to easily achieve your goals and you will know specifically what you can do to make whatever type of income that YOU choose to make in your career for 2014!

We will have several Business Planning Courses throughout the fourth quarter throughout our offices so please attend for more specifics on how we can help you achieve your real estate goals for 2014!

So What’s Your Excuse?

“There are not things I cannot do, only things I have not done YET!” – Richie Parker

Richie Parker: Drive
Richie Parker: Drive

Labor Day and Your Real Estate Production


  Happy Labor Day from Maximum One

Labor Day & Your Real Estate Production – by Dana Sparks

 Labor Day is a day of celebration! Labor Day was originally founded as a national tribute to honor the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity & well-being of our country. It is also a day that marks the end of Summer vacation and the excitement of getting “back to work” for most of us! While we enjoy our holiday barbecues, outings on the lake and time relaxing with family and friends, we also gear-up for a prosperous end of the year! The most important things to focus on when you come back to work are the systems that run your business. There are four general areas that need systems and strategies in place to run your successful real estate business.

These areas are:

  • Generating Business
  • Servicing Active Business
  • Following Up AFTER Closing
  • Following Up Long Term

Systems for Generating Business: How are you generating real estate clients? You should have a specific time every morning for GENERATING the business. That is your job! That is the main thing you get paid for… finding people who need your help to buy or sell real estate. Whether you use the internet, the telephone, your car, the US postal service or a combination of all of these, what you do every work day morning should be focused on this activity alone.

Systems for Servicing Active Business: In today’s real estate market, it is extremely easy for this portion of your job to tend to take up the majority of your time. It is imperative to begin this part of your daily activities AFTER you have spent your time generating new business. As challenging as it may be to get a transaction closed, once it is closed, it will behoove you to have another client ready to go (or preferably already in the works) rather than having to start from scratch. Avoid the typical “roller coaster” of production and activity in your real estate business. When focusing and honing your strategies for getting pending transactions closed, remember to include your co-op agents, lenders and closing attorneys when refining your strategies (i.e. consider a message on your voice mail that lets callers know when they can expect a return call, an auto-reply on your email with contact information or current status updates & access information on your listings, etc.)

Systems for Following up AFTER Closing: You can gain a huge percentage increase in your business year after year by developing strategies in this one area of your sales business. Think back to the last major purchase you made (a car, furniture, a computer system, home theater system, etc.) have you heard back from the salesperson that sold that item to you? What kind of an impression would that have made on you in terms of future or referral business? Simply sending a hand-written thank-you note to ALL the parties involved will greatly enhance your business. There are many other ways you can service your clients and co-op agents and other parties AFTER the close of your real estate transaction.

Systems for Following Up LONG TERM: Long Term follow up is another area of your business replete with opportunity for more sales! How systematic are you in following up with your past clients? Co-op Clients after the sale? Vendors to whom you give business? If you have not contacted a past client in a while (a LONG while) pick up the phone NOW! They DO NOT know that you should have been in touch with them on a regular basis! Chances are, if they are still living at the same address (wink wink) they will be delighted to hear from you! What about your co-op agents… perhaps they are out of business and would love to make money from the referral fees you give them from THEIR past clients! Your favorite inspector has made a lot of money from the clients you have sent his way, have you asked him whom HE knows who needs to buy or sell? Do you contact people on their birthdays (the closing attorney gets a copy of the parties’ drivers licenses!) There are so many opportunities to make an impression and offer your services to help people with their real estate needs!

It is vitally important for you to have systems and strategies in place in every aspect of your business for enhanced real estate sales! Not only will you get more business, but you will also alleviate some of the stress you feel from the frenetic way you are handling your career. If you have systems in place, Labor Day is a good time every year to evaluate your checklists, organization, procedures and policies that operate your real estate business!  These systems will contribute to the strength, prosperity and well-being of your real estate sales business!

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