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“X” Marks the Spot!  Create a Treasure Map to Achieve Results – by Dana Sparks

Treasure Map to Results at Maximum One Realtors


Don’t make a vision board… create a Treasure Map instead!   A vision board, popularized in “The Secret,”  also known as a “dream board” is a collage of images, words, quotations, anything you choose to create a visual representation of that which you choose to have, experience, be  or achieve.   It is a visualization tool designed to activate the Law of Attraction , manifest your dreams, keep you focused on your goals, display your “Big Rocks,” and remind you of your “Big Why.” Directed intrapersonal communication is an important aspect to your “inner game of real estate,” then why do I, as a real estate broker and sales coach, admonish you from making one?   I encourage you to take your dream board further and make it more powerful so that it can truly  assist you in producing the results you desire by creating a treasure map instead!

When you hear the term “treasure map” what  thoughts does that conjure up for you?   Perhaps you think of adventure, excitement, searching, exploring… feelings much more energizing, right?   Think about your real estate training around the marketing that you do.  The vital  element in your internet, social media  or print advertising for your real estate business is that  crucial “call to action” to prompt a seller or buyer to contact you so that you can capture a lead, turn that lead into a client and turn that client into a closed transaction – a treasure, indeed!   This integral step is significant when marketing your dreams and goals to yourself! “X” marks the spot!

Mapping out the ways to your  treasures will visually urge you into taking the actions necessary to reach your desires!   When you imagine a treasure map, don’t you see the dashed lines that take your from point  “A” to point “B” to point “C?”   In the ancient pirate charts, those dashed lines indicated travel  between each of these destinations: travel, movement, action!   So on your personal inspiring  treasure map, include these dashed lines and add a visual representation of the actions steps necessary to  realize your future!   Some of those actions may include prospecting, networking, creating a schedule, exercising, enhancing your mindset, learning new skills, investing in your ongoing education, mapping out your value, practicing your presentations… get the idea?

With your treasure map in front of you, your work in real estate sales can be fun and entertaining!   So instead of dreading your daily prospecting, make each of those calls a booty call!

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