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Back to School with Maximum One Realtors 

“Back to School” and Real Estate – by Dana Sparks

Believe it or not, it s that time of year again… “Back to School!”  The commercials are on television, the magazines advertise school specials, the temperature has not cooled but it hopefully will soon, football teams are starting practice… all signs of a change of season and a change of attitude and activities!

Back to school is a time for children to re-focus, get ready and re-commit… let’s join in those lessons and get “Back to Real Estate!”  Re-new your commitment to your profession and your pocketbook and plan to have a powerful last half of the year!

What has been working in your business?  Determine your most productive lead generation source and figure out how to amp that up to be even more productive.  Stop wasting time and effort in activities that do not provide any results.

Now is a good time to catalog and organize your business year-to-date.  Check in with all of your past clients and ask them how their new home is.  Log all of their birthdays in a perpetual calendar so you can call them every year; record their purchase anniversary in that same perpetual calendar; update their contact information.  Contact all of your co-op agents and thank them for doing business with you and create a mutual referral business with them.  Stay in touch with all of the lenders, closing attorneys, inspectors, etc. with whom you have interacted and ask them who they know who can use your services.

Analyze your market and notice the trends… what price points are moving?  What school districts? What types of properties?  Start working in those more profitable areas.  Write up a trend report and place it on your website. Offer to give a report at your next Homeowner’s Association meeting.  Position yourself to the public as an expert in your field.

Look at the Maximum One training calendar (or ANY training calendar) and determine what new skills you can acquire or what old techniques you need to strengthen.  Are you reading any books to support you in your career goals and aspirations?  Do you have a mentor, coach, accountability partner to help you stay focused on the results you wish to achieve?

“Back to School” is the perfect time to evaluate where you are in relation to your business plan.  Our children embark on a new school year with new classes, new teachers and new subjects to learn.  They make new friends, start new activities open new books and open themselves to new experiences.  Learn the lessons from our school age children and let’s be as open to new experiences and opportunities in our businesses as they are in their school days!  The bell is ringing and SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!

* Reprinted from 7/22/12

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