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Memorial Day at MX1 Atlanta Memorial Day – Reflections for the Real Estate Agent – by Dana Sparks

Memorial Day is the day to honor and remember our nation’s fallen military men and women. While we all enjoy a day off from work, the beginning of Summer, a picnic at the park or a relaxing time to get together with family and friends, remember that we enjoy these freedoms thanks to our armed forces who protect us, our borders and these ideas. When we think of the brave men and women who make up our military, we think of commitment, loyalty sacrifice, discipline, leadership and respect… all qualities which embody the excellence of a real estate professional!

Commitment: In today’s real estate market, it definitely takes commitment and perseverance to be successful in your chosen career. Real estate markets are cyclical; if you commit to learning your craft and sticking to it in this challenging market, you are almost certainly guaranteed success in the easier market that awaits us!

Loyalty: Your challenge is to keep today’s Buyers loyal to you as their agent when they don’t understand our market. We know that there is not as much inventory available for sale, but knowing this fact and convincing a Buyer of this are two separate issues. The public still hears in the media that we are in a “down market” or a “Buyer’s market.” They think that they can offer 60 cents on the dollar and purchase the house of their choice in a multiple offer situation. They also have a tendency to believe that you, their agent, simply does not want to take them out so see houses each weekend when you tell them there are no new “actives” but the see a TON of homes available online through Zillow, Trulia, etc! The key is to set the proper expectations with your clients and give them the information about the market so that they stay loyal to you when they begin to get a bit frustrated with their home search.

Sacrifice and Discipline: There always has been and always will be a need for housing in our society; people will always need a roof over their heads. Your challenge is to find those people in need and find them solutions. To meet this challenge, you will have to sacrifice the easy more enjoyable parts of your job and be disciplined to do the “work” part of your job EVERY DAY in order to consistently generate new business. “Prospecting” is NOT a dirty word! You must act daily at finding new business on a regular basis… because it is out there! Are you disciplined enough to make phone calls, place Craigslist ads, knock on doors, respond to your internet inquiries, farm a neighborhood, make home tour videos for 1 to 3 hours every day? Each workday, you start at zero and must solicit new business… like a soldier, this takes sacrifice and discipline but the result is rewarding!

Leadership & Respect: These military qualities are the true qualities that the public seeks from their agent. Let’s face it, technically, all agents can do the same job (search the listing services, show property, list property, write and negotiate contracts.) The reason that a Buyer or Seller chooses one agent over another agent comes down to the amount of leadership and confidence the agent exudes. When the customer respects you for your ability to take care of them regarding the largest investment of their lives and trusts you to lead them towards the end result they desire, YOU will turn them into YOUR client! Do what you need to do to gain confidence in your own abilities and then express that confidence in your communication to the public and you will see your business drastically improve!

Memorial Day 2013 – a time to reflect on our American heroes; a time to be thankful for others; a time to apply the qualities of our soldiers to ourselves as real estate professionals. So enjoy your friends and family, enjoy the beautiful weather, enjoying firing up the grill, enjoy wearing your white shoes, enjoy the patriotic parades and embody these admirable attributes to yourself when serving the needs of your clients.

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  1. Good post. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

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