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Real Estate Coaching at Maximum One Realty keepmorecommissiondotcom Real Estate Coaching for Growth in Your Real Estate Career – by Dana Sparks


If you would like to expand your business, consider coaching! Just like every professional athlete, you too can excel in your chosen profession with some coaching and accountability. Below are several professional real estate coaching services; you may investigate these or attend one of the Maximum One Masterminds, begin a Mastermind, find a mentor or simply begin with an accountability partner. Regardless of your choice, you have many options available to move you from point “A” to point “B” respective to your Real Estate Business! Maximum One is not advocating one Coaching Company over another, this article is designed to be informative. There are many ways to approach growing your business; no one way is more effective than any other. The best method is any one that you will choose and follow!

The Mike Ferry Organization: The Mike Ferry Organization (MFO) has been coaching real estate sales training for over 35 years. Based in California, they coach agents all around the US & Canada. MFO has many levels of coaching as well as classes and retreats to boost your sales. Their system can best be described as teaching you to be systematic, pro-active in finding people who need your services with a high level of accountability.

Craig Proctor: The Craig Proctor System can best be described as “direct response marketing.” This coachng system has been around for 18 years successfully advancing many agents in their careers. His systems, programs and coaching are available to agents of any experience level.

Tom Ferry: Tom Ferry is one of the Top Real Estate trainers throughout the country. As Mike Ferry’s son, Tom broke off from his Dad approximately 7 years ago to begin his own coaching program. Tom’s programs while consisting of the same effective training and accountability concepts, are definitely more geared towards today’s methods of communication with video and social media.

Brian Buffini: The Brian Buffini system has been aound since 1995. His philosophy of growing your business centers around the idea of having others refer business to you. The Buffini system teaches you how to get the people you know to send you referrals and then how to close those referrals for an ongoing pipeline of real estate transactions.

Eric Jordan: Eric Jordan’s coaching program is a bit smaller than these other companies. You get a one-on-one coach along with a ton of training materials, scripts and dialogs to propel you further.

Ren Jones: Having been a top producer himself and one of the most successful coaches in the Mike Ferry System, Coach Ren has his own successful coaching program.

Matthew Ferry: Also one of Mike Ferry’s sons, Matthew has an extensive background in coaching real estate agents not only towards explosive growth in their businesses but also towards an unbelievably positive mindset in every aspect of their lives. Matthew’s programs are designed to give you lasting results in any endeavor that you choose and he has many programs regarding your overall happiness and success.

You are not alone in your real estate career! Along with your specific branch, you have the agents and staff of the entire Maximum One corporation urging you to greater and greater success in your business! We provide many opportunities for you to get involved with your peers and professional affiliates (classes, workshops, Masterminds, Team Meetings, etc.) and it is up to YOU to take advantage of what we have to offer you as an agent. Consider adding another branch to your support system through professional coaching! Check out these coaching systems above. While there are more real estate coaching programs around, these are the ones with which I am most familiar and know produce successful results for all levels of real estate sales professionals!

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