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Cinderella Team“March Madness”… a Cinderella Story – by Dana Sparks

Even if you are not a college basketball fan, you cannot avoid hearing about “March Madness” even though we are already in April! The NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament is comprised of 32 teams and through single elimination, narrows the field down to “The Final Four” eventually naming the National Champion!  This year, the final four culminates in the Championship Game on Monday night here in Atlanta.

The “madness” part refers to the tradition, the excitement, the opportunity and the upsets! In this tournament, the 15th ranked Florida Gulf Coast University stunned the world in an upset in the first and second rounds of the tourney by beating the #2 Georgetown and #7 San Diego State respectively! Many more “Cinderella teams” have also seized their opportunity to shine in their trek towards a National Championship.  Oregon who was ranked number #12 this year beat #5 Oklahoma State and #4 Saint Louis before being defeated.  The excitement lies in the fact that regardless of the past, regardless of records, regardless of expectations, regardless of previous experience, any team can win on any given day!

The same is true for you and your real estate business! You can list any property, sell any buyer, close any transaction! Nothing can hold you back, other than the only limitations you place on yourself! Want to start listing short sales? Get RealValuator and find out who the people are who need your help and go help them! They will never know that you have never listed a short sale before as long as you don’t tell them! Want to work with a Buyer looking for a home above $500,000? Find some properties in that price range and above to market and those buyers will come to you! They won’t know that this will be your first deal in this price range … unless you tell them!

Your energy precedes you! Others can sense your confidence and professionalism without your having to “prove” yourself to them! Sometimes you have to “fake it ’til you make it” and the results will be worth it! The only time your potential clients will ask you “Have you worked in this price range before?” or “How many short sales have you listed?” is when you come across as hesitant, unsure or scared! Your job is to help others and our job is to help you help others!  When is the last time you took a CE class or attended a workshop to learn something new?  Have you been to a Team Meeting lately?  Have you checked out the weekly webinars?  You are really missing out on some incredible information necessary to hone your skills and acquire new ones designed to propel your business! There is a TON of information on the extranet ( and on our recorded training site (   Who is the last top-producing agent you asked to shadow for a day/week?  How much property have you previewed lately?  How many blogs have you read on Active Rain?

Be the “Cinderella agent” and go for own championship… enjoy your own “March Madness” and know that we are here to cheer you on!!!!

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