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For High Performance Results, Get an Oil Change – by Dana Sparks

For high performance results… get an oil change! After-all, you are a high performance machine so you must keep your motor running smoothly! Eliminate the ineffective oil, change the filters, replenish with new oil, top off the other fluids, then lubricate, add spark and you are off to the races!

When you go to have your oil changed, the first thing the mechanics do is empty the old dirty oil out of the engine. Every so often, it is imperative that you evaluate your mindset in terms of what is serving you and what is holding you back! Discard that which is unproductive (empty the dirty oil!)

  • Affirmations that are no longer inspiring
  • Treasure maps laden with goals you no longer desire or have already obtained
  • Dialogs that sound trite and scripted
  • Routines that are boring and tedious

The next key step in your oil change is to change your filters!

Your experience of your real estate career is filtered through your mindset! Notice when you watch the news and read the paper replete with negative accounts of the housing industry and real estate sales, your market suddenly seems impregnated with nothing but foreclosures, short sales and REO’s! Aren’t there any homeowners with equity who want to take advantage of the buy-side of today’s real estate market? Where are the buyers and investors who qualify for a mortgage loan or who have cash? Is there any inventory out there to sell? Have you ever noticed that when something does not go as planned… nothing seems to go well? And on top of that, all you see on television are commercials about depression and negative stories about unemployment and crime!

Stop! Take a deep breath and look around! There are homes selling EVERY DAY! Not every house for sale is a distressed property! There are real estate agents in your market who always seem to have clients – cooperative sellers and willing buyers! Maybe you should check under their hood! (wink wink!) When you change the filter of how you choose to experience your real estate career, what you see will change as well! A seller will list their house at a competitive price! A qualified buyer will make an acceptable offer! You get properties under contract and schedule closings! People move! You collect commissions for the value you bring to your clients! You even notice lighter, happier stories on the news and in the paper! It is time to change your filter!

  • Meet with agents who are doing well
  • Look through your market statistics for the number of homes selling each day
  • Notice there is an abundant supply of inventory and extremely low interest rates
  • Get information and support from your broker and your office statistics
  • Find a real estate coach / mentor
  • Learn the required new skills for today’s market

You are almost geared to hit the track! Next you must add new high performance oil, top off all the fluids and lubricated all the parts!

  • Discover and repeat inspiring affirmations!
  • Role play with supportive partners!
  • Prospect in a neighborhood with a fast market velocity relative to the rest of the area!
  • Contact your sphere of influence and your past clients to discover who they know who needs your services!
  • Stop watching the news!
  • Surround yourself with other professionals with similar “filters!”
  • Continue sharpening your effective skills that are achieving results!
  • Instill business systems to automate your business and give you time to enjoy your life!
  • Blueprint your intentions so as to not be deterred by an objection or two!
  • Relish in your gratitude of your chosen sales business and your complete control over your success!

You took the time to obtain your real estate license; you anticipated a lucrative career helping people buy and sell property; you could not wait to get started; you obtained some business sales coaching and training to achieve some success! You procured your high performance vehicle for contributing to others, making a wealth of money, delighting in the flexibility of time that a real estate career affords! All the parts are still there! The warranty does not expire! You must simply keep your machine fueled, lubricated and add a little spark!

Get your motor running… rev your engine… go for that checkered flag!

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  1. Ramona Carter said:

    This was a great. Thank you.

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