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7 Strategies to Get Inspired Today* – by Matthew Ferry (



Most people are not inspired and in action on their dreams. Have you ever heard yourself saying “Some day… when I have X… then I’ll be happy and satisfied.”

There is no “some day,” and living from “some day” will kill your inspiration and your dreams. That’s why I would like to share seven critical strategies designed to get you inspired and in action today!

Are you ready to have a life filled with anticipation, excitement, joy and outstanding results? Good, then let’s get started.

Get Inspired Strategy #1: Write a one-year prophecy letter. It’s time to get out of the past, stop trying to fix yourself, stop fretting over what you are going to do to have more success and happiness. Stop looking at what didn’t work and start prophesying about your future. You become what you think about. Let’s get your mind focused on what you want and off what isn’t working. Write a letter as though you had achieved everything you wanted to achieve, dated one year from today.

Get Inspired Strategy #2: Count your blessings each day. This is essential for explosive growth. The universe is happy to provide for you, as long as you are happy about what you already have. If you are dissatisfied with your current situation, that energy muddles up your intentions. The more dissatisfied you are, the more you receive that which dissatisfies you. Make a list of 10 things you love about your life.

Get Inspired Strategy #3: The 10-10 Visualization Exercise. Starting with your list of the 10 things you are grateful about today, create a second list of 10 things you want to experience or achieve. Take deep breaths and go into a state of relaxation. Now that you are in a very powerful, conscious state, mentally review your list of everything you are grateful for. Dwell on each item. Get really connected with how great it is to have this in your life. Let the emotions of gratitude well up inside of you and overflow. It’s okay to cry tears of joy. In fact, that’s the objective. Then do the same with your list of goals and dreams.

Get Inspired Strategy #4: Write your intentions every day. What do you want in your life? Get clear, ask, write your intentions.

Get Inspired Strategy #5: Get clarity about what you want. Know what you are seeking. The moment you get clear, the perfect people, situations and opportunities appear.

Get Inspired Strategy #6: If you feel stuck. Make a list of 3-5 aspects of your life that are working. Spend time thinking about those aspects of your life. What you focus on expands and that will inspire you.

Get Inspired Strategy #7: When you don’t know what to do to get the energy moving in your life, play The Perfect Game. Whatever is offered, take it. Whatever is suggested, do it. Whatever happens, declare it perfect. Allow the universe to guide you to the perfect situations that will inspiring you to take new action and accomplish more.

*Reprinted from … originally posted 1/25/13

Matthew Ferry creates lasting results by teaching you how to be happy now, regardless of the circumstances of life. Since 1994, he has coached and trained CEOs, top sales professionals, entrepreneurs and Wall Street heavy hitters to thrive during chaotic and devastating circumstances

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