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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dave Kubat –  February 12th!



Many happy returns & may all your birthday wishes come true! What can we learn from Dave’s birthday celebration (and all birthday celebrations) to help enlarge our business? Let’s first think of birthday wishes. Anyone who has ever blown out candles on a birthday cake has been urged to “make a wish” first. Think of your own birthday wishes throughout the years. So how do birthday wishes relate to our business?

Well, what if you began every day making a “wish” for your business that day or you may choose to think about it as a “goal!” What do you want to accomplish in your business today? What would happen if you focused your entire morning on that one thing; what if your morning “business wish” was to get one new client today? How would your bank account look this time next year?

Along with birthdays we also have parties, presents, friends, anticipation and people that wish us well! We celebrate our birthdays & those of others with this exciting, fun & festive approach! What if you had this same attitude towards you real estate business? Would you enjoy your day more? Do you think your clients and co-op agents would interact with you differently if every time you communicated with them you did so thinking that they were going to bring you a present at the end of the day? And in actuality…. aren’t they!??!!? A commission check from a closing is a pretty nice gift to get at the end of your “birthday/business” celebration!!! This is also an exciting thought to contemplate as people wish us “many many more!”

Consider approaching every business day as your birthday! Blow out your candles & make your wish for the day! Get excited about the festive celebration! Focus on everyone you encounter that day as if they are coming to your party to wish you well & bring you a gift! Enjoy your day, take some time for those who love you, partake of some treat for yourself (which does not necessarily have to be birthday cake or food!) Relish the many happy returns you are sure to receive! Happy Birthday, Dave & Everyone!!!

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